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Escape Tours is the new activity for a fun day out in one of the Dutch cities. During this fun interactive game, participants search for "the secret exit" of their favorite city. With more than 20 cities in the Netherlands, an Escape Tour is available throughout the Netherlands!

Because the process from booking to playing the game is fully automated, there is no need for an instructor to be present on location. This allows your visitors to start the game whenever they want. That is the power of Escape Tours! Partly because of this, the Escape Tour is perfect for a day out with family, friends or colleagues in the Netherlands and Europe. Because yes, there are also Escape Tours available in the well-known European cities!

An Escape Tour is played in groups of 2-5 people. With an Escape Tour, the participants wander through the city using our app, in search of the secret exit. Each game has its own storyline with a famous historical figure from this city in the lead. The participants can find that exit if they solve all riddles, complete assignments, take fun augmented reality photos and of course decipher all cryptic clues.

Advantages of the Escape Tours affiliate program

Attractive reimbursements up to 15%
Promotional codes with high discounts for readers possible
Possibility to receive specific marketing material per city
High conversion rate
Fast-growing offer (before 2021 in 100+ cities in NL & Europe)

What makes Escape Tours successful?

You can start the activity whenever you want
Playable in more than 50 cities in the Netherlands and Europe
In 2 hours you will pass the nicest places in the city
Multiple languages ​​available

Would you like to experience the Escape Tour yourself? Request a free Escape Tour voucher and discover for yourself what a cool product you can offer!

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