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Zuny is a fairly new player in the telecom industry in the French speaking regions of Belgium (parts of Brussels and Wallonia). They call themselves the ‘enfant terrible’ of VOO, because they are part of the VOO network.

Zuny offers fast and unlimited internet access with a smart and modern on/off system with different options. The base offer consists of unlimited internet access and unlimited access to their series library, which can be expanded with extra options, such as mobile internet and extra sports channels.

The goal of this campaign will be to sell subscriptions, which is done directly through the website. Customers can fill out their information and pick a date for the installation at their convenience. Their subscription starts immediately after the payment is processed online.

Why Zunny?

  • Fast and unlimited internet access

  • Instant access

  • Everything is digital, this means the set-up, customer service, documentation,...

  • On/off subscription

  • Library of exclusive series included in your subscription

  • Subscription is completely controlled within the Zuny app, series and extra channels
    are also available here

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  • Programma actief sinds 08-03-2021
  • Meetduur 60 dagen
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