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Økovejen.dk - Groceries with attitude

About Økovejen.dk
Økovejen is a Danish company and a 100% online supermarket that exclusively sells organic, biodynamic and environmentally friendly products.

At Økovejen, the products are gluten-free, lactose-free, vegan, and have a large selection of products within beverages, dry goods, non-food, etc.

They believe that we should take care of the environment that gives us our food, and that we best take care of nature by not spraying our crops and killing our insects. Nature doesn't benefit from plastic waste floating everywhere and they believe they can help make a difference.

More about Økovejen.dk

  • Has a high Trustpilot score.
  • Organic and sustainable products.
  • A large selection of products.
  • Focus on climate, sustainability and ecology.
  • Retail the most well-known eco-labels.

Your benefits of promoting Økovejen.dk

  • Attractive commission for you as a publisher.
  • High conversion rate.
  • Quick approval.
  • Daisycon is the only affiliate network.
  • Up-to-date banner material and product feed.
  • Niche products.

CPS Payment Model
The campaign runs on a CPS model, where you as the publisher receive a percentage of the total order amount

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