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At Grover, we believe that the magic of technology has the power to significantly improve our lives. Therefore we want to make it accessible so more people can use more technologies.

By leasing exceptional technologies that cover all types of needs. Computers, smartphones, cameras, wearables, drones, e-scooters…Get the tech you need when you need it!

Simply browse our website and find the tech you want. Select how many months you’d like to rent and enjoy your products. Want to keep it longer? Continui month-to-month after your minimum rental period, switch to a longer plan to save money, or even buy your tech.

In case of damage, we’ll cover 90% of the repair costs (Grover Care)

By joining our Affiliate Program, you’ll get a commission of each rental. This commission is based on the total subscription value, so if a customer chooses a 6-month plan, your commission will be calculated as a percentage of the total basket value.

We track every submitted order. Final sales are confirmed by the end of each month. We only consider valid orders that get paid by the customer once our algorithm has checked the accuracy of the data provided.

Average rental period on products is 6 months with 40% of users going for 12 month plans.

It is possible to work with dedicated codes. Are you interested? Please contact your Affiliate Manager.

8.00% - New Customers
2.00% - Recurring Customers

SEA/Keyword marketing: not allowed
E-mail marketing: allowed
Coupon codes: allowed
Cashback/loyalty: allowed
Comparison: allowed
Display: allowed
Content: allowed
Social media: allowed

Sub ID: possible
Product feed: possible
Deeplink: possible

Cookie period:
30 days

Wat is affiliate marketing?

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  • Commissie 2.00% - 8.00%
  • Keywordmarketing niet toegestaan
  • E-mailmarketing niet toegestaan
  • Promotiecodes niet toegestaan
  • Product listing ads niet toegestaan
  • Cashback is toegestaan
  • Social media is toegestaan
  • Sub ID mogelijk
  • Productfeed mogelijk
  • Deeplink mogelijk
  • Programma actief sinds 22-06-2021
  • Meetduur 30 dagen
  • Actief in


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