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BUX Zero makes it easy to start investing. The app allows users to do more with their money over the medium to long term by investing in companies and industries they believe in. Through an intuitive app, users can invest without commission

Investing is trending

The financial market is moving a lot at the moment and we are seeing an increase in the number of users of our service. Current conditions are motivating people to start investing; we are seeing organic traffic increase and conversion rates are better than ever. To make the most of the increased attention, BUX has decided to introduce the affiliate programme.

Why promote BUX Zero's affiliate programme?

  • High commission of €28 per funded account
  • USP: with BUX Zero, the user invests without commission
  • USP: With BUX Zero, every new user will get a free share
  • The popularity of investing is rising sharply
  • BUX Zero is a well-known name thanks to TV advertising and Social Media Ads
  • Creative content of the highest quality and available in all formats on Daisycon
  • Active advertiser with quick approval of transactions, publishers and email previews

For every promotion it is obligatory to first send a preview for approval to the campaign manager at Daisycon. The following disclaimer should always be included: "Investing has risks. You can lose your deposit"

Wat is affiliate marketing?

Heb jij een website of ander online medium waarmee je het Bux Zero ES affiliateprogramma wil promoten? Dat kan! Het eerste wat je moet doen is je aanmelden bij Daisycon. Nadat je bent toegelaten tot het Daisycon-netwerk en de campagne, krijg je toegang tot de banners en het linkmateriaal. Plaats deze links of banners op je website. Voor iedere bezoeker die je doorstuurt en die een transactie genereert ontvang je een leuke vergoeding. Dit wordt affiliate marketing genoemd.

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Start met promoten

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Aanmelden bij Daisycon


  • Commissie EUR 45.00
  • Keywordmarketing is toegestaan
  • E-mailmarketing is toegestaan
  • Promotiecodes is toegestaan
  • Product listing ads niet toegestaan
  • Cashback is toegestaan
  • Social media is toegestaan
  • Sub ID mogelijk
  • Productfeed niet mogelijk
  • Deeplink mogelijk
  • Programma actief sinds 22-11-2021
  • Meetduur 100 dagen
  • Actief in


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