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Time flies at Aviodrome

Experience a day full of airplane action for young and old in Aviation Theme Park Aviodrome! Come to Aviodrome with the whole family and see more than 100 aircraft inside and out. Board a Boeing 747, the flight simulator and watch the 4D movie Skymania. Children can let off steam in one of the children's attractions. During the pilot training they feel like a real pilot. One thing is certain: time flies at Aviodrome!

The Aviodrome collection consists of the finest gems in aviation history, such as the Boeing 747, Uiver, Fokker Spin and Lockheed Constellation. These are displayed in the museum and the outdoor exposition. You can also view many aircraft from the inside. And several times a day there are free guided tours.

Seeing and hearing, but especially feeling and smelling. In the 4D movie theater of Aviodrome it is as if you really fly through the clouds. Sometimes you feel raindrops, then fog and cold gulf streams. And occasionally you also experience smoke. That makes watching the historical and adventurous films extra exciting!

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