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A loan from Ferratum Bank - Loans up to NOK 30,000. You get answers directly online! EXPRESS CREDIT PENSION directly with Express Credit Express Credit is a type of consumer loan, also called micro loan. It is characterized by the fact that it is a loan of a small amount that is repaid over a short period of time when the loan process goes very quickly. After the application for a credit has come in, the borrower is checked to see if he or she meets certain basic requirements, that the person is old enough and has a bank account. Then a credit rating is made. The creditor usually gives notice if the application is approved within 15 minutes. Ferratum Group and MikrolånFerratum Group have offered microloans since 2005, and were the first in Europe to offer a so-called "mobile micro loan". The company offers several varieties of microloans and is one of the world's leading credit providers in terms of these types of loans. Ferratum Group shows a detailed calculation with an overview of what the total borrowing cost will be, including interest added to the original loan amount (principal). When it comes to consumer loans for small sums with short maturities, the effective interest rate is often high compared to other loans where the maturity is longer. A good technique to get an overview of the total loan cost is by looking at the summary that appears under the Loan Calculator Amount: 3000.00 kr Repayment period: 30 days Interest costs: 810.00 kr Due date: 27.12.2015 Annual effective interest: 1732.08%

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