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At Thorn you can borrow SEK 100,000. And you decide how much you want to pay a month. A consumer loan on your terms and we do not interfere with what you spend the money on.

It is now also possible to generate leads for loan certificates.
Choose the amount you want to borrow and the repayment period.

When marketing credit, it should not be emphasized:
- how quickly the credit can be used
- How fast a response can be expected on a credit request
- That there is a low threshold for getting credit
- that it is a simple application process
that credit is readily available in other ways

At Thorn you borrow on your own terms:
You need no security for the loan
- You get the money directly into your account
- We do not interfere with what you spend the money on
- Optional installment period of up to 60 months.
- We will contact you as soon as possible

THORN Private Finance:
Amount: 10,000-100,000
Interest rate: 9.90% -23.87%
Payment period: 12-72 months (1-6 years)
Age limit: 20 years
Credit check: Bisnode
Establishment fee: "695-2800: -
Cash loans up to NOK 25,000: - -> 695: -
Cash loans in amounts from NOK 25,001: - -> 2.8% of the loan amount "
Thing fee: 45, -

Link (s): https: //

Lead definition:
It is settled for all applications that go through the validation on the page. It is also settled even if they are rejected in the manual process subsequently. It is not settled for applicants who automatically receive credit discounts on the basis of a credit rating that is made automatically

Promotion restrictions:
It is important that anyone who wants to run this campaign relate to the marketing legislation in Norway. Anyone who fails to do so will be excluded from the promotion and leads will be removed.

If you wish to draft texts yourself, these must be sent to [email protected] for approval.
In short, it is not allowed to write "Lån 25.000 kr" as this will require that only offer this amount. Instead, the loan amount must be omitted completely or alternatively use the text:

Bond text:
Loan Example:
Eff. Interest 22.07%, 65 000, -, 5 years, cost 38 571, -, a total of 103 571, -. The example is calculated on the basis that the monthly amount is paid via contractual credit and that the agreement's repayment plan is complied wit

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Program data

  • Kommisjon NOK 550.00
  • Keyword markedsføring ikke tillatt
  • E-mail markedsføring er tillatt(mer informasjon) If you wish to send the campaign via e-mail, it is required that the e-mail should contain a disclaimer:

    When sending promotions from the L’EASY Group in newsletters / emails, it is a requirement that the email contains a disclaimer either at the top or at the bottom of the email. The disclaimer shall contain information about the sender.

    Minimum Disclaimer Requirements:
    - Information about the company behind the newsletter (Company name, address, email address)
    - Frequency information of broadcasters (eg You receive the newsletter 3 times per week)
    - Information describing why the user receives the email. (Ex. You receive this newsletter because you participated in a contest or survey)
    - Unsubscribe link (Must of course be affiliated and work so that user is unsubscribed from all future mailings on the domain being sent from.

    Please remember to add these email to your email sendouts:

    [email protected]

    [email protected]
  • Rabatkoder ikke tillatt
  • Product listing ads ikke tillatt
  • Cashback ikke tillatt
  • Sosiale medier er tillatt(mer informasjon) New rules for doublet check: A user who applies for a loan multiple times within 30 days will only count for one lead.

    It is forbidden to use Facebook flows or links for advertising from other social media sites. This means that, it is forbidden to link from an advertisement on social media to another landing page linking to L'easy's website.
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  • Tilgængeligt not available
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  • Programmet aktiv siden 01-03-2019
  • Måletid 30 dager
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