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Rains is a modern lifestyle brand that designs waterproof equipment for the whole world. The range includes i.a. The iconic raincoats, backpacks, down jackets among many other things.


Rains is a modern lifestyle brand, which was established in Aarhus in 2012.
Rains was founded on the basis of a desire to reinterpret the classic rubber raincoat in a contemporary and modern way. This resulted in the launch of the first product from Rains, which was a rain poncho. But already in the ensuing season, Rains launched a large collection consisting of rain jackets, rain pants, bags and accessories.

Since then, every single collection from Rains has been based on the same style. Rains continuously strives to offer relaunched versions of styles from previous seasons as well as exclusive limited edition designs of their popular rainwear. As Rains is inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition and weather conditions, the lifestyle brand focuses on the fact that practical functionality should not be prioritized at the expense of design. Therefore, Rains´ many products are designed to withstand all forms of precipitation, while the products represent the latest trends and fashion trends in the market. The popular Danish rainwear manufacturer always designs its products based on a principle of Scandinavian simplicity based on the global consumer.

Rains' popularity and success has meant that the Danish lifestyle brand since 2016 has opened concept stores in selected major cities in the world such as Copenhagen, London, New York and Paris.

The name Rains comes from rain as their products are designed to protect us from. This word traditionally stands for both joy and discomfort, which is why Rains will give the word a new meaning by highlighting some of the possibilities it offers, instead of the disadvantages that usually exist in bad weather conditions. Therefore, all products help to show the possibilities that are on a rainy day.

Since 2012, Rains has been involved in the development of high quality rain gear. Rains started by redefining the traditional rubber rainwear and launched a simple product; poncho. In the ensuing season, Rains launched a complete collection of waterproof clothing, taxis and accessories. To this day, all collections are based on this idea; to revive traditional rain gear in the form of the original rain gear that is exclusively available at Rains.

All Rains' products are designed to challenge people's views of traditional rainwear. Clothes, bags and accessories from Rains are not only high quality waterproof products, they are also a combination of functionality and style. Rains is headquartered in Denmark, so the brand's aesthetics are imbued with Scandinavian simplicity, while at the same time taking global users into account.

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