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Creditti is a new financial service concept for the Scandinavian market where you can calculate your own personal credit score within 2 minutes and see just how credit worthy you are.

The higher the score the more likely it would be for you to be granted to for instance a new loan, getting current loans refinanced etc.
Your credit score is calculated instantly and based on your score, you will be presented for a few, personalized loan offers, which suits your individual needs.

The aim with Creditti is to better help consumers in relation to the economic choices they have to make during their lives, including loans, home loans, household budgets and more.
Creditti will be a platform that helps shed light on users' credit rating through an intelligent credit score service. As part of this service, it is also intended to inform consumers how they can find savings in relation to their fixed expenses.

Why should you run this campaign:

• Simple application form and instant response on conversion
• High conversion rates
• Conversion-optimized websites which is updated regularly
• Marketing material (banners, e-mail texts, etc.) is updated frequently
• Almost no marketing restrictions
• New concept never seen before

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