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Bunq - Bank Of The Freedom

Bunq makes life easier. Built-in and for the 21st century, bunq gives the users control over their money using just their phones.

Bunq offers 5 unique bunq memberships:

Travel Card - The best card to travel the world. All the benefits of a credit card, without the burden of debt, without any monthly fees.

Premium - Make life easy with a bank account that makes your finances insightful and fun, so you can just enjoy life and not worry about money.

Joint - A modern Joint bank account, giving you full control of what’s private and what’s shared. All the benefits of bunq Premium, for you and your partner(s).

Business - The business bank account built to save you time, every time. Never deal with paperwork, branch visits, or bureaucracy ever again, and get the freedom to focus on what’s truly important: your business

Green - A simple metal card that lets you make the world greener, without any effort. Every time you use it, we plant a tree.

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Program data

  • Kommisjon EUR 3.00 - 55.00 (mer informasjon) First Card Ordered - Premium: 10.00
    First Card Ordered - Joint: 10.00
    First Card Ordered - Travel Card: 10.00
    First Card Ordered - Business: 20.00
    First Card Ordered - Green Card: 30.00
    Activation - Premium: 10.00
    Activation - Joint: 15.00
    Activation - Business: 30.00
  • Keyword markedsføring er tillatt(mer informasjon) Allowed - but not on brand name or misspellings.
  • E-mail markedsføring er tillatt(mer informasjon) Allowed, but must be approved in advance
  • Rabatkoder er delvis tillatt
  • Product listing ads ikke tillatt
  • Cashback er delvis tillatt(mer informasjon) Allowed. All incentivised traffic must have
    their preview accepted by Bunq before
    starting promoting.
  • Sosiale medier er tillatt(mer informasjon) Allowed, on pure performance.
  • Sub ID mulig
  • Tilgængeligt not available
  • Deeplink mulig
  • Programmet aktiv siden 27-01-2020
  • Måletid 30 dager
  • Aktiv i

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