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De Horeca Bazaar was founded in 2015 by hospitality owners and a festival organisation that started buying products on a large scale, initially for their own use. Because of the enormous network in this sector, however, the site has started to run quickly and has grown very rapidly.

De Horeca Bazaar buys its products on a very large scale, mainly directly from the manufacturers in China. However, De Horeca Bazaar also has many suppliers outside China; Bangladesh, England, Spain, Portugal and the Netherlands are countries where suppliers are also located. Because of the very large-scale import of our products, De Horeca Bazaar can always offer its products with the guarantee of the lowest price! An additional advantage of this large-scale import is that De Horeca Bazaar can always supply products from stock (2000m2 of storage). Orders placed before 16:00 hours will be shipped the same day, next day to the customer.

One of the reasons why De Horeca Bazaar has grown so rapidly is because prices are a lot lower than was usual at that time for the same products. The broad product range with its unique composition has also been a reason for the rapid name recognition of De Horeca Bazaar. The unique products, which have been conceived and developed in-house, complete the strong position of D Horeca Bazaar in the market.

As already mentioned, the range of products offered by De Horeca Bazaar includes a very wide range of products. To start with functional products, you can think of beautiful chic Polycarbonate (hard plastic) glasses, shot glasses and beer mugs. In addition, the American Red Cups are also a runner in this field. De Horeca Bazaar is also very strong in the field of atmosphere and party products; think of led foam sticks, glow bracelets, led candles, hawaii wreaths and many other led party products. Then we come to party decoration, where balloons, paper lanterns (in many different sizes and colors) and different flag lines are not to be missed. Also not to be missed are professional confetti shooters offered by De Horeca Bazaar. These confetti guns reach up to 20 metres! Also popular at parties are the inflatable items; beach balls, inflatable flamingos, inflatable instruments, inflatable palm trees and much more! However, all this is just the tip of the iceberg. Some of the other products that De Horeca Bazaar is very strong in; disposable ponchos, glow in the dark paint and UV products, plastic Christmas trees in many different colors, printed sunglasses, printed cotton bags, printed Christmas hats and many, many more fun gadgets and promotional items.

Despite the fact that De Horeca Bazaar focuses on hospitality and events, a lot of orders come from other industries. The products in the webshop are interesting for both private individuals and B2B customers. This ensures a very wide and diverse range of sales channels. Events in which the products of De Horeca Bazaar come in perfectly handy include: catering establishments, events, concerts, anniversaries, children's parties, birthday parties, weddings, gender reveal parties, openings, festive presentations, company parties, company promotions, Christmas drinks, bachelor parties, Christmas celebrations and many other (festive) events.
Especially the very high level of B2B/business orders ensures that the average order value at De Horeca Bazaar is extremely high. In addition, these are often single-use products, which means that the re-order percentage is very high and the return percentage is extremely low. This combination of facets ensures that De Horeca Bazaar creates a very interesting revenue model for you as Publisher.

Why promote the De Horeca Bazaar affiliate programme?

  • High conversion rate
  • Very high level of re-orders
  • Very low return rate
  • Average purchase amount is relatively high due to many B2B orders
  • Interesting for both private and business customers
  • Number of unique, self-developed products

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