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Zpey is based on an initial dream of creating a fly rod that would help fly fishers cast better, using less power, resulting in less strain on their bodies. Arve Evensen from Norway spent 3 month on the factory in Korea to develope the first bent handle series in 2005

After the very first prototype with the famous bent lower handle saw the light of day, we have all the time sought to come closer to this ambition, but at the same time, we have gradually increased our focus on all the other aspects of fly fishing: The design of fantastic rod actions, the design of new and better fly lines and the design of fly reels, leaders, running lines etc.

Zpey is currently known as one of the leading manufacturers of fly fishing equipment and we have several of the worlds leading fly fishers, fly casting instructors and fly casters on our Zpey Team. Our primary market is Scandinavia, but we are very active in several other European countries.

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