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Welcome to the Teufel partner program: You & Teufel = one team.

Teufel is the expert from Berlin for audio products with a distinctive sound. Lovers of home cinema, stereo, streaming, multimedia, portable and headphones have been finding the best sound at the best price here for over 40 years.
Teufel's success story began in 1979 in Berlin, where we design and develop all our products to this day. In four decades, Teufel has grown from a secret tip for sound connoisseurs to a strong brand. Our goal has always been to make good sound affordable for everyone. Since 2006, we have been Europe's largest audio manufacturer in direct sales - allowing fans from various countries to get to know and appreciate our products.
Our sound bars, home cinema sets, stereo speakers, headphones, bluetooth and streaming products regularly win awards from leading trade magazines and readership polls. As an affiliate partner, you benefit from our direct sales model. Teufel is one of the best-known speaker manufacturers in Germany and our products are not available from any store or online store. In other words: Teufel is only available at Teufel!
With the Teufel attribution model, we guarantee fair and performance-related remuneration. The attribution model makes it possible to honour all advertising contacts of an affiliate who has been involved in a purchase. Depending on the share of the sale, you are then allocated a shopping cart value on which an 6% commission is paid.

Facts & figures about the program:

- Compensation via Teufel's own attribution model - Up to 6% commission per sale, based on the advertising performance of the net shopping cart value
- Individual voucher codes / product deals and advertising material possible - Payment commission directly to your account - Average shopping cart value over € 300; facts & figures about the Teufel webshop
- Best value for money through direct sales
- More than 100 different speaker sets in all price ranges
- 8 Weeks return right = 8 weeks trial listening at home
- 12 Years warranty on speakers and 24 months warranty on electronics
- Excellent service through direct contact with the consumer

NB The commission will be paid at the end of the 8-week return period. The return period starts with the delivery of the goods. We ask for your understanding that for this reason we have set the confirmation time for commissions at the highest possible time. However, we try to avoid any bottlenecks in the delivery which would delay the payment of the commission for more than 9 weeks. If you have any questions or comments about the program, please contact us.

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  • Kommisjon 12.00%
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  • Programmet aktiv siden 21-10-2020
  • Måletid 30 dager
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