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About Kwebbels
Kwebbels Kinderboeken composes a selection of the best children's books every month with great care. This allows parents but also grandparents and grandparents to read from the most beautiful children's books, laugh, look and search together.

The children's books package is fully adapted to the level of a child. They have special packages for different ages, both for boys and girls.
Each book pack contains at least 4 books: search books, reading books and craft books.

Surprise your child with a Free Trial Pack of Kwebbels and receive for yourself temporarily a Free Pixum Photo Booklet.

- Savings programs, incentivized programs, GPT programs (get paid to) or PTC programs (pay to click) are not allowed until the campaign.
- The material may not be promoted on gaming sites, porn or erotic tinted sites.
Leads generated in a way that is not allowed will be rejected.

Wh become an affiliate of Kwebbels?

  • Low-threshold proposition
  • Nice compensation
  • Very focused niche on parents and young children

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