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Elevate Your Earnings with the Cialdini Institute Affiliate Program!

Dear Esteemed Publishers of Daisycon,

What links giants like Google, Coca Cola, and Allianz? Or what´s the common thread between
influential figures like Warren Buffet, Tim Ferris, and Tony Robbins?

They´ve all harnessed the power of ethical influence, drawing from Dr. Cialdini´s work, to pave their
paths to success.
Now, you too can join the ranks of successful promoters and earn substantial commissions by
partnering with Dr. Cialdini and the Cialdini Institute.

We hope this message finds you well and thriving in the world of affiliate marketing. We´re thrilled to
extend an exclusive invitation to you on behalf of the Cialdini Institute, the renowned institution
representing the groundbreaking work of Dr. Robert Cialdini, the ´´Godfather of Influence.´´

Why Partner with the Cialdini Institute?
Every day, people aim to persuade others, whether in B2C or B2B scenarios. Understanding the
science of influence is invaluable for your audience.
Joining hands with the Cialdini Institute means promoting a product that benefits everyone!

At the Cialdini Institute, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and organizations with the principles of ethical influence and persuasion. Our range of premium products and programs caters to diverse audiences and industries, making this partnership an exceptional opportunity for you to
maximize your affiliate earnings.

Why Choose the Cialdini Institute Affiliate Program?
1. High Commissions: We offer competitive commission rates for each of our products,
ensuring you earn generously for your efforts.

Lead generation

  • Individual Practitioner: $75

  • Cialdini Certified Professional: $100

  • Cialdini Certified Agency: $125

  • Team Training: $125

  • Universities: $125

Reseller (E-Commerce - Individual Practitioner): 35% of list price
And, if you activate a substantial list, enjoy a complimentary live webinar with Bas Wouters or Dr.
Cialdini, while earning a 35% commission on all products sold!

2. Long Cookie Time: Benefit from a 180-day cookie duration, ensuring you receive credit for conversions over an extended period.
3. High Commission on Assisted Conversion: Earn a substantial 75% commission on assisted conversions, amplifying your potential earnings.
4. Abundant Promotional Materials: Access a wide range of persuasive promotional materials:
  • 15 case studies presented by Dr. Robert Cialdini – Small changes that deliver Big Results

  • HTML banners for each product

  • Persuasive emails per product

  • All designed to boost your affiliate success.

    5. Industry Authority: Dr. Robert Cialdini´s work is globally recognized and endorsed by industry
    leaders like Warren Buffett, Tony Robbins, and Tobias Ludtke.
    6. Wide Audience Appeal: Influence and persuasion apply to a broad spectrum of industries,
    making our products highly marketable across diverse niches.
    7. Ethical Foundation: As an affiliate of the Cialdini Institute, you´ll be promoting ethical
    principles, fostering trust among your audience.

    Our High-Value Product Portfolio:
    1. Cialdini Certified Practitioner Program: An immersive 6-hour e-learning program led by Dr.
    Cialdini himself, complemented by 6 live sessions annually earning your designation as an
    Ethical Influence Practitioner. Priced at an attractive $1497.
    2. Cialdini Certified Coach Program: Elevate your earnings by promoting the same e-learning
    program, but with Dr. Cialdini´s direct teaching. This program offers certification as a Cialdini
    Certified Practitioner along with access to our high-end coaching program and faculty. Priced
    at $4997 (one-time) + $500 per year.
    3. Cialdini Certified Marketing Agency: Promote a proven framework for boosting conversions
    through behavioral science. Prices start at $7,997.
    4. Team Training: Capture the corporate market by promoting our comprehensive team
    training program, combining e-learning with a minimum of 9 hours of virtual live coaching
    5. University Partnerships: Encourage universities to offer our Practitioner Program to their
    students and earn substantial commissions, ranging from 35% to 50% based on volume.
    Alternatively, universities can opt for an in-house Cialdini Certified Professional.

    Get Started Today:

    Joining our affiliate program is quick and easy. Utilize our persuasive promotional items, start
    promoting our high-converting products to your audience, and watch your earnings soar.
    Should you have any inquiries or require further information, please don´t hesitate to reach out.
    Thank you for considering this exciting partnership opportunity with the Cialdini Institute. We look
    forward to helping you achieve exceptional affiliate success while making a positive impact on
    individuals and businesses worldwide.

    Warm regards,
    Roy van Beurden
    Head of Affiliate Partnerships
    Cialdini Institute

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