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KLiNGEL, the online shop for women’s and men’s clothing, jewelry and living. One of the biggest and most famous mail-order companies in Germany is now growing rapidly in the Belgian market. Become a partner and be a part of this success.

Becoming an affiliate gives you great advantages:

  • You have access to their complete product range: from trendy fashion, beautiful accessories to practical household items.

  • A big choice of advertisements, such as (search)banners and text links

  • Daily updated CSV-product data of more than 13.000 products

Their target group consists mostly of 50+ years old. Is your website suitable? Then you can register with the affiliate program of KLiNGEL – Online Partners. You will benefit their reputation and brand fidelity. For every sale made through your website, you will get an interesting commission.

They are looking forward to your registration! For more information, they are more than happy to help you.

Yours sincerely,

Your affiliate team from KLiNGEL.be

Terms of participation
Next to the general conditions for the participation of the affiliate network, the following terms apply:

Page criteria:
The partner sites should not have any connection or association with:
- porn or sexual inappropriate content
- guns and other weapons
- drugs
- pages that contain or install dialers and/or spyware
- discriminating, offensive or injurious statements concerning race, gender, religion, nationality, handicap, sexual orientation or age
- content that is conflicting with good moral, the applicable law or the rights of third parties
- comparative advertisement, especially aggressive comparative advertising, that could cause problems with other advertisers, as well as aggressive claims, that are not legitimate

Partner sites that:
- have their own affiliate programs
- are under construction
- have long loading times or are not accessible
- link to pornographic or violent content
- offer gambling activities or link to gambling-related websites
- offer banner exchanges
are excluded from participation, or if the terms are not met, will be excluded later.

For violations by the registered partner, commission can be withheld and it is not guaranteed no further measures will be taken.

Advertisement requirements
- All advertisements, created for the affiliate program, are copyright protected
- The use is only permitted within the framework of the partnership. Change of texts or pictures or even own advertisements are not allowed.
- Manipulation of the advertisement-material or the incorrect use will result in exclusion of the affiliate program. The partner program has the right to, when there is manipulation which results in legal claims, hold the partner sites accountable.
- Every other use of the affiliate program, especially commercial distribution or reproduction is prohibited, unless there is written permission. This also applies to storing in electronic databases and duplicating on CD-ROM, DVD, etc.
- In all cases, the legislation that applies to copyright, data protection and all other relevant legislation apply. It is necessary that URLs, text links or link descriptions that refer to klingel.be, are recognizable for third parties. Automatic and misleading referrals are not allowed. Furthermore, it is prohibited for the partner to design a website or page within the own website, that could cause confusion with the website of KLiNGEL. After termination of the contract, all advertisements and links of the partner need to be removed (no later than 24 hrs after ending of the contract).

According to the law for the integration of product data in external promotional activities (f.e. product search), the web shop has to update these data regularly. This means that CSV-data have to be updated by the partner on a daily basis. If this is not done and therefore results in false information or errors, than the partner site is being held responsible.

Calculation of advertisement income
- Only purchases that have been made through a link on your website to our shop counts for the calculation of the advertisement compensation.
- Compensation is only granted, provided that purchase, delivery and payment are done.
- Own purchases are excluded from compensation.
- Orders made through our own advertisements (f.e. catalogs and brochures) will not be compensated.
- The commission will be approved/disapproved 4 weeks after the transaction.
Violation of terms of participation
1. E-mail advertising (spam): the use of the campaign to e-mail addresses of third parties is not allowed without the permission of the receiver. In other cases this will be seen as spam and this is prohibited by law. If there is a case of undesirable e-mail (spam), then appropriate measures will be taken. These will be decided individually and per situation.

2. The use of keywords, that can be interpreted as competition restricted in search engines or comparative services, are not allowed. This especially applies to registered trademarks and terms that can cause confusion (f.e. incorrect spelling) for third parties (f.e. other sellers) and for KLiNGEL itself (f.e. Klingel and own brand names). In case of violation, the partner is responsible, not KLiNGEL.

3. The use of coupons and vouches is prohibited and can lead to exclusion of the partner program and possible cancellation of payment.

Change and validity of the terms
The affiliate operator is allowed to change the terms of participation at any given time without having to state a reason. The partner will be informed about these changes within two weeks and he will be given the chance to read the new terms carefully. The partner has the right to object to these changes within two weeks after receiving the new terms.

For any further questions, you can contact them at [email protected]

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Program data

  • Kommisjon 9.00%
  • Keyword markedsføring er tillatt
  • E-mail markedsføring er tillatt
  • Rabattkoder er tillatt
  • Product listing ads ikke tillatt
  • Cashback er tillatt
  • Sosiale medier er tillatt
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  • Deeplink mulig
  • Programmet aktiv siden 06-09-2013
  • Måletid 100 dager
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