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Simple registration, broad audience (all 18 +). Rejection only by DOI and correct data, already a member of another SSI Panel (OpinionWorld or Blauw), agree to the T & C. Cashback on the lead is not allowed.

Mail parties and parties who put on a monthly basis over 50 leads, ask permission beforehand through ([email protected] Please note that through this campaign, only Dutch can register. For other countries, specific campaigns available.

Note that if the campaign has exceeded its monthly limit campaign immediately be put offline.

Description Lead (3 minutes):
First Name, Last Name, Email Address (x2), DOI, Additional email address, birth date, country, T & C

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Program data

  • Kommisjon EUR 3.15
  • Keyword markedsføring er tillatt
  • E-mail markedsføring er tillatt(mer informasjon) The permission that was given by the members of your (adres)database and/or stated in your privacy policy allow the sendout of surveys / invitation for market research.
  • Rabatkoder ikke tillatt
  • Product listing ads ikke tillatt
  • Cashback er delvis tillatt(mer informasjon) Cashback on the lead is not allowed.
  • Sosiale medier er tillatt
  • Sub ID mulig
  • Tilgængeligt not available
  • Deeplink ikke mulig
  • Programmet aktiv siden 28-11-2014
  • Måletid 100 dager
  • Aktiv i

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