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Knab; the young online bank that likes to do things just a little bit different
Active in the Netherlands since 2012, where customer service and innovation are the most important spearheads of this bank. Based on smart technologies Knab helps you to get a better grip on your finances and get the most out of your money.

Through Daisycon you can promote two different Knab banking products:
  • Knab Plus (private customers)
  • .
  • Knab Business

With these packages, customers can arrange all their banking online for a low fixed monthly fee.

USPs for consumers

Knab Plus (€ 5 per month)
  • Limited number of current and savings accounts - Give each account a separate name (e.g. 'Groceries' or 'Mortgage'), for a better overview

  • An attractive interest rate on current and savings accounts - Knab usually gives one of the highest savings rates in the Netherlands

  • Free Visa credit card - Almost all your purchases 90 days free of charge insured with one of the most accepted credit cards

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Knab Business (€ 6 per month)
  • Most inexpensive payment account for freelancers and small entrepreneurs
    Knab Zakelijk has been proclaimed the most advantageous business payment account in 2014 & 2015.
  • Each year the first 1,000 transactions for free
    After that, the customer pays only € 0.10 per transaction

  • Save on average over € 800 per year - Calculate how much money you can save per year with Knab
  • using Knab's business benefit calculator
  • American Express credit card (1st year free) - Pay securely anywhere and anytime; 24/7 service; benefit from a unique American Express savings program

  • Check special actions for starters!

Both packages are subject to the same conditions in the affiliate channel.

General advantages for Knab publishers

  • Knab is open for feedback, report improvements via ticket or mail

  • Benefit from (online) campaigns that Knab executes in other channels

  • Always recent material available

  • Excellent fees

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