Affiliate Marketing Guide

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Välkommen till vår Affiliate Marknadsförings Guide. För tillfället är denna guide endast tillgänglig på Engelska. Om du har några övriga frågor, vänligen läs mer om detta under vår FAQ.

Everyone starts at the very beginning. That’s why we’ve put together this practical affiliate marketing guide for you: for beginners in the world of affiliate marketing, but also for the more established publishers. Our affiliate marketing guide is perfect for you to use as a starting point, or as a reference if you want to know more about Daisycon’s affiliate network.

This handbook is regularly updated and supplemented. So don’t forget to bookmark the page so you can take a look at it again from time to time. The guide is divided into various topics. We tell you more about affiliate marketing so you can earn extra money with your (new) website, or your reach on social media through the proper use of this channel. In addition, we explain how our MyDaisycon platform works and provide practical tips for both the beginning and the more advanced publisher.

Table of contents


Promote. Develop. Repeat.

At the end of each section in this guidebook, we take some time to reflect on everything you’ve read so far. You can test yourself to make sure you understand the given information. Some things can be quite complicated so do not hesitate to look through some parts more than once.

Are you ready? Let’s get started with affiliate marketing!