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Information about ISO 27001 and AVG


We understand that our visitors, advertisers and publishers value their privacy. Naturally, we therefore comply with the applicable laws and regulations. So you can rest assured that we will handle your personal information with care. On this page and in our privacy statement, we would like to share with you how we handle your data and what we use it for.

Information security: ISO 27001

Dekra Seal iso27001-Linehub The processes surrounding information security within Linehub and Daisycon have been thoroughly tested and rewarded with the ISO/IEC 27001 certificate through an audit. This internationally recognised certification confirms that all the requirements of an information security management system are met. It recognises and acknowledges that all data is handled responsibly and according to information security standards. The ISO certificate can be viewed on the Linehub.com website. The Statement of Applicability can also be requested there.

We are convinced that the behaviour of individuals is the most important part of security. Our employees are well aware of what is and what is not allowed when it comes to data. There is a policy on incoming data and a security and escalation protocol. This policy is part of our staff handbook and is regularly brought to the attention of all colleagues.

A second-and very important-step in data security at Daisycon, is to store as little sensitive data as possible (privacy by design). We do not store any personal data for our Affiliate Marketing service and data, if combined, can never be traced back to a person either. Daisycon has an advanced authorisation system, which means that only authorised personnel of a certain level can access certain transaction data.

Besides the fact that we store little data and that this data cannot be traced back to individuals, we also strive for the best security of our systems. To this end, we cooperate with professional data security companies. Besides regular checks by our own technical department, we regularly have so-called penetration tests performed. We also have standard control processes for going live with new software. This ensures that, in between penetration tests, only secure software is deployed. Our servers are managed at separate locations within the Netherlands by external hosting providers. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 certified.

Your data: Which situation applies to you?

Visitor Daisycon.com

Daisycon uses the services of Hubspot for the contact forms on this website. Via these forms we will process your personal contact details. We save this information for a maximum of 12 months after you have sent the contact form to us. To find out more about the privacy policy from Hubspot, we refer to their website.

Publisher account at Daisycon

When you use the Daisycon network as a publisher, you must create an account. When creating an account you enter into an agreement with us. In order to execute this agreement, we need different types of information from you. For example, we ask you for your name, address, telephone number, e-mail address, IP address and, if applicable, the Chamber of Commerce information. In addition, we also ask you for your bank account number. We need the latter, for example, for the payment of commissions.

Depending on what information you want to receive from us, we also use your information to contact you or provide you with important information about your account. When logging in to our system we use unique identifiers to establish your identity and for security reasons, we note the time and the IP address used to log in. The passwords you use are automatically encrypted and cannot be viewed by us. Information is transmitted exclusively over secure SSL connections.

Personal information that we receive from you will only be used by us for the purposes described above. We will not share personal information with unauthorized third parties, except if necessary for the agreed service or if the law requires it. An example is that if we suspect fraud, we can report it to the police.

All personal information is optimally secured and is treated by us with the greatest possible care. Within our organization, your information is also only available to people who need to have access to it in order to perform their duties.

Advertiser at Daisycon

As an advertiser, you get insight into the campaign you have with us through the Daisycon system. For this, you need a user account. This consists of your name and your login details. These login details consist of your e-mail address and a password. The password that you use is automatically encrypted and cannot be viewed by us. Information is transmitted exclusively over secure SSL connections

All personal information is optimally secured and is treated by us with the greatest possible care. Within our organization, your information is also only available to people who need to have access to it in order to perform their duties.

Data storage lead campaigns

For a limited number of Lead campaigns that we host ourselves, we need to store data for advertisers (temporarily). For this, we have a processing agreement with the advertiser.

Google Analytics connection

With the Daisycon connection for Google Analytics, advertisers can import the costs of affiliate marketing into Google Analytics.

During the setup of this connection Daisycon reads the accounts, web properties and data sources connected to the login. Daisycon only saves your email address, selected google account ID, selected web property ID and selected data source ID.

After setting up the connection Daisycon writes your affiliate marketing costs into the selected data source. Daisycon does not read any information from Google Analytics.

Daisycon does not use your connected email address for any purposes other than to show you what login was used to connect to Google Analytics.

No data is persisted upon deletion of the connection.

Visitor in the network

You come into contact with Daisycon when you click on a link that clicks through the Daisycon network to the website of one of our advertisers. We make this “click-through” possible through our services, such as Affiliate Marketing or Lead Generation.

In order to perform our services, we store some information for our advertisers and publishers. This data is not traceable to a person. We use Affiliate cookies and matching data. This concerns:

  • Country of your browser
  • Hashed browser version and settings.
  • An anonymous IP Hash or Account ID (Secure Hash Algorithm).
  • An anonymous Email Hash (Secure Hash Algorithm).
  • Your Device Type (PC / smartphone / tablet).

We use this data to make a match between your click from the publisher(s) and the transaction at the advertiser. For our matching technology, we only store anonymized IP addresses and the data is stored for a maximum of 5 years.


Our European activities are governed by European privacy legislation, the General Data Protection Regulation (abbreviation: GDPR, known in Dutch as AVG). Where applicable, we enter into separate processor agreements with our customers and suppliers for data exchange.

We at Daisycon are convinced that people’s behaviour is the most important factor in data security. This is also one of the main principles of the GDPR. Daisycon personnel is well-informed about what is and is not permitted when it comes to data. There are rules and there is a separate policy regarding incoming data. In addition, there is a security and escalation protocol. Data policy is regularly brought to the attention of personnel and is included in the Daisycon employment terms and conditions. At senior management level a data officer has been hired who is responsible for abovementioned policy. Where applicable, we conclude separate processor agreements with our customers and suppliers.


More information and the rights of parties concerned

Daisycon has an FAQ available for the GDPR. This FAQ includes protocols for the parties concerned.

Do you want to know more about how Daisycon handles your data or do you want us to delete your data? Then feel free to contact us via [email protected].