Affiliate marketing

A proven concept for growth: Catalyst for branding, visitors and sales. Performance based, pay for measurable results. We offer promotions in a large, international publisher network, consisting of content sites, blogs, socials, comparison, mobile, online marketplaces and more.

Advertise online with our network

In affiliate marketing, advertisers are promoted by publishers. Publishers offer websites or other online media that send relevant visitors to an advertiser. The advertiser pays a fee if one of the forwarded visitors makes a transaction. This compensation usually comes down to a few percent of the purchase price. This means that the advertiser knows in advance how much he will have to pay per order.

Theres always three parties involved in affiliate marketing. The publisher (the party who places the advertisement) and the advertiser (the party who sells the product or service). By using innovative technology and personal service, Daisycon has been working together as an intermediary for almost 20 years to ensure optimal cooperation.

Pioneer in the field

With Affiliates.nl, Daisycon was a pioneer in the field of Affiliate Marketing in the year 2000. Daisycon is now promoting hundreds of advertisers through affiliate marketing. Advertisers experience how effective the marketing channel is, on a daily basis. Find out how Affiliate Marketing works and how to easily start your campaign.