Affiliate marketing

With Affiliate Marketing, advertisers are promoted by publishers. These publishers, or affiliates, host websites or other online media that send relevant traffic to an advertiser. The advertiser pays a fee once a forwarded visitor will convert (e.g. a transaction is made, a subscription is made). This fee usually amounts to a few percent of the purchase price.

Thus, advertisers know in advance how much they must pay per order. If the Publisher manages to send visitors of high quality, he or she can earn more with Affiliate Marketing than other forms of online marketing.

Affiliate Marketing will always have two sides. The publisher (the one placing the advertisement) and the advertiser (or merchant, the one who advertises). Through innovative technology and personalized service, Daisycon has been servicing both sides to work together optimally for over 15 years.


Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing for advertisers

For an advertiser, Affiliate Marketing means that you work together with Daisycon and our publishers (who manage websites and e-mail databases) in order to increase your online returns. You will make promotional material available to the affiliate network. Your text links, banners and product feeds will be used by the publishers who you have allowed access to your affiliate program. They will use your promotional material to refer their visitors to your website.

The publishers receive payment on the basis of clicks, impressions, leads, sales or a combination of these. You determine the payment yourself. If you wish, Daisycon can provide expert advice on the most effective payment structure for your affiliate program. Daisycon's software records all the transactions, supports you with the optimalisation of your affiliate program and takes care of payment to the publishers.

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How do you start an affiliate program?

Starting an affiliate program with Daisycon is surprisingly simple. You supply your Daisycon online marketing sector specialist with promotional material. If you do not have any promotional material available, Daisycon can help you develop it. Affiliate marketing is a form of performance based online marketing. This means that payment is only due once a transaction has been completed.

The most common method of registering transactions makes use of tracking codes. This code should be placed on your website's thank-you page. Once this has been implemented, your affiliate program is up and running.

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