Lead Generation

The purpose of Lead Generation is to expand your database, which ultimately leads to more sales opportunities. Generate newsletter subscriptions, brochure requests, created customer accounts and test drives. Optionally through customized landing pages, optimized for conversion.


As with Affiliate Marketing, with Lead Generation publishers promote your campaign via their media. As an advertiser you pay for every conversion that comes from the visitors forwarded by these publishers. This involves (for example) creating (paid) accounts, newsletter subscriptions, call-center leads or brochure requests. Thanks to the transparent cost model, you know exactly how much you pay per lead, in advance.

Dedicated landing pages

Lead Generation is one of the most efficient and measurable ways to generate a steady customer flow. Personal data is collected by you, using dedicated landing pages (or promotional pages). With this data you can take the first step to enter into a dialogue with your new customers. With lead generation via a lead campaign, your target group gets a ‘face’. This means you will receive data from people who actually show interest in your product.

Are you in need of a new and/or optimized landing page for lead generation purposes, we happily refer you to our partner Basebuilder for helping you out with some extra development. Daisycon no longer offers this service.

Compliancy and privacy

For Lead Generation (and Affiliate Marketing), all collected data is handled with care and fully compliant to European privacy rules, more specifically the GDPR. For more info on privacy, please see our dislaimer.