Become an affiliate and maximise your earnings.

The activities of the visitors to  your website and the readers of your newsletter can earn you money, whether it concerns clicks, leads or transactions. Work together with Daisycon and maximise your earnings.

  • The largest network in the Netherlands, active through out Europe: always well over 1,600 active advertising programs.
  • Choose between affiliate programs, lead campaigns and click campaigns.
  • There are advertisers from EVERY sector, so you will always find one to match your media.
  • Benefit from our rapid payments and unique warrantee.
  • Get proactive support from our Publisher Managers and our team of online marketing sector specialists.
  • Optimise promotions based on useful statistics and charts available

Daisycon has been voted Best and Preferred Affiliate Network by publishers seven times in the last six years. Twice, Daisycon has been awarded the an award for positive recognition on the website. Daisycon has also been voted Preferred Affiliate Network in the consecutive Yonego affiliate surveys 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Would you like to generate income from your websites and email databases?


How do Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation work?

For a publisher (also called an affiliate), Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation means that you work together with Daisycon and its advertisers to increase your earnings from your websites and email databases. You will include the promotional material from the advertisers in your websites and newsletters. You refer the visitors to your website to the advertisers' websites. In return, the advertisers will reward you, based on the number of clicks, impressions, leads, sales or some combination of these. Daisycon will record all relevant actions using its software, provide you with expert support in improving your campaigns and it will also take care of the payments.

Maximise your earnings with Affiliate Marketing and Lead Generation.


How to become a successful publisher

The visitors to your website and the subscribers to your newsletter perform various actions. They look at content, they click on links, they fill in forms and they make payments. You will become a successful publisher by encouraging as many people as possible to perform any of these actions, because you will receive payment every time they do. An example:

George has a website and a newsletter for people interested in cars. He offers attractive content to his visitors and combines this with promotional offers from advertisers. His latest article and newsletter include the tempting offer of a test drive from Skoda. He receives a payment for every visitor who signs up for a test drive via his links. This proves to be such a success that George sets up another website, exclusively aimed at offering test drives.

Already thousands of publishers generate income via Daisycon. Earnings of tens of thousands of euros are not uncommon. Why not join them and become a successful publisher yourself?


Publisher tools

Daisycon offers their publishers a variety of useful tools which helps you to perform better. Examples are:


Payment options for publishers

Naturally you want to know when you get paid. Read here which payment options Daisycon has to offer. 


What is the difference between an affiliate and a publisher?

The terms affiliate and publisher are used pretty much interchangeably in the Affiliate Marketing sector. Affiliate means "subsidiary". Each publisher is seen as one of the advertiser's subsidiaries (an additional sales channel).

Daisycon has decided to use the term "publisher". There is no difference between a publisher and an affiliate in this context. Daisycon has chosen to use the term "publisher" rather than the American term "affiliate", simply because we think it will be easier to understand for people without a background in the affiliate sector. "Publisher" and "affiliate" are both umbrella terms. A publisher can be someone with a website (a webmaster), but also the manager of an email database or someone involved in keyword marketing. The umbrella term "publisher" can, therefore, also refer to affiliate, webmaster, website, email party or keyword marketer.

If you still have any questions about Affiliate Marketing, Lead Generation or CPC advertising terminology, then maybe our performance based online marketing glossary will answer them.

Do you administer a website or manage an email database or are you involved in keyword marketing? Then choose from Daisycon's 1,600 affiliate programs, Lead Generation campaigns and CPC advertising campaigns.



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