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The complementary services of Daisycon (affiliate marketing, online lead generation), Affiliprint (insert marketing), Sovendus (checkout marketing) and Conversive (conversion optimization) together form one strong collective that operates internationally. Linehub has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Taiwan.

By closely working together, we help clients to enter into meaningful brand partnerships within our network.

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The Affiliprint network consists of over 2,000 webshops, magazines and newspapers. These publishers offer their reach to promote advertisers' promotional activities. They receive a fee for the inclusion of these so-called inserts. By 2018, Affiliprint had already distributed more than 150 million inserts in 22 different countries.

In addition to buying media space, the Affiliprint network also serves as a barter or exchange network. This means that publishers can set up their own campaign in exchange for distributing inserts from third parties, free of charge, and are therefore also active as advertisers.

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Conversive is specialist in result-oriented online marketing. Conversion and impact is in their DNA. Campaigns are set up on succesfull online media channels relevant for achieving your objectives. Through regular analyses, campaigns are continuously optimized. This way they achieve the maximum result.

Our mission is to help challengers with a head start. With 10 years of experience in what works online, we tackle the real challenges. Conversive assists you with strategy, creation, media, traffic, conversion and optimization.

Their approach translates into an integrated campaign, in which proposition, communication and media fit together perfectly. In addition, they provide you with the personal attention and explanation you need to understand the campaigns properly. The team of specialists works with energy and pleasure on growth.

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Sovendus translates transactions from webshops into reach. This responds to the need of webshops to bind existing customers more and at the same time generate new customers. With an extremely strong combination of performance, display, branding and customer engagement, Sovendus offers a large reach.

The network reaches more than 2.5 million consumers in eight countries every month after they have made a purchase in one of the more than thousand connected webshops.

The Sovendus platform aims to reward existing customers and at the same time approach consumers who are not looking for the products of a specific shop. They still get interested when they see the different offers. As a result, Sovendus mainly generates new customers and contributes to increasing orders.

For Linehub, this concerns the Benelux region only, operating under the entity Sovendus BV.

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