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The complementary services of Affiliprint (insert marketing), Basebuilder (omnichannel lead generation), Conversive (digital marketing), Daisycon (affiliate marketing), New-Media (demand driven lead generation), Sovendus BV (check-out marketing) and Trendata (market intelligence) together form one strong collective that operates internationally. Linehub has offices in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Taiwan.

By closely working together, we help clients to enter into meaningful brand partnerships within our network.

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Accompany your customers along their journey - and reach them with 100% relevant content. The result: sustainable customer retention and higher conversion rates.

Address your customers with personalized parcel inserts at the perfect moment after their purchase. With individual product recommendations and engaging content, you inspire your customers for their next purchase.

With our 1:1 personalized direct mails, you can automatically meet the exact needs of your customers at the right time - for reactivation, a second purchase incentive, or other unlimited occasions.

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The Affiliprint network consists of over 2,000 webshops, magazines and newspapers. These publishers offer their reach to promote advertisers' promotional activities. They receive a fee for the inclusion of these so-called inserts. By 2018, Affiliprint had already distributed more than 150 million inserts in 22 different countries.

In addition to buying media space, the Affiliprint network also serves as a barter or exchange network. This means that publishers can set up their own campaign in exchange for distributing inserts from third parties, free of charge, and are therefore also active as advertisers.

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Basebuilder specialises in omnichannel lead generation. They connect companies around the world with their customers by driving online and offline audiences to branded activation campaigns.

By adding a fun element to your activation campaigns, we convince your target audience to take part. A wheel of fortune, a scratchcard or a giftbox, there are multiple game options available that match your brand, and your products. With an omnichannel approach of lead generation, focusing on both online and offline customers, Basebuilder makes sure your databases keep growing.

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Conversive is specialist in result-oriented online marketing. Conversion and impact is in their DNA. Campaigns are set up on succesfull online media channels relevant for achieving your objectives. Through regular analyses, campaigns are continuously optimized. This way they achieve the maximum result.

Our mission is to help challengers with a head start. With 10 years of experience in what works online, we tackle the real challenges. Conversive assists you with strategy, creation, media, traffic, conversion and optimization.

Their approach translates into an integrated campaign, in which proposition, communication and media fit together perfectly. In addition, they provide you with the personal attention and explanation you need to understand the campaigns properly. The team of specialists works with energy and pleasure on growth.

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New-Media focuses on three pillars: search intelligence, visitor intelligence and customer intelligence. The emphasis is therefore on a broad target audience: the still unknown visitor, the visitor who can become a customer and the customer who must be retained. Based on the search behavior of website visitors New-Media learns about the target group, builds a complete customer profile of existing customers and exposes potential bottlenecks in the website. All this results in tailored strategies that allow companies to take their service to the next level: targeted advertising, personalised messages and website optimisation. New-Media knows what your visitors want and provides demand-driven strategies.

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Combining two worlds: the best of online marketing, with the advantages of offline advertisement.

Reaching your ideal customer can be expensive and inefficient. ParcelDealz offers a next-generation advertising format: data-driven parcel inserts from the label printer, enabling you to acquire highly targeted new customers.

We analyze each parcel recipient's demographics (age, gender, location, purchasing power) and the products inside the parcel to ensure you reach the perfect audience. Your ads are only printed and inserted if the recipient perfectly matches your ideal customer profile, maximizing campaign performance. Enjoy the benefits of online marketing with the power of an offline reach.

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Sovendus translates transactions from webshops into reach. This responds to the need of webshops to bind existing customers more and at the same time generate new customers. With an extremely strong combination of performance, display, branding and customer engagement, Sovendus offers a large reach.

The network reaches more than 2.5 million consumers in eight countries every month after they have made a purchase in one of the more than thousand connected webshops.

The Sovendus platform aims to reward existing customers and at the same time approach consumers who are not looking for the products of a specific shop. They still get interested when they see the different offers. As a result, Sovendus mainly generates new customers and contributes to increasing orders.

For Linehub, this concerns the Benelux region only, operating under the entity Sovendus BV.

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Using AI and big data, Trendata provides real-time insights into market demand and consumer needs that lead to smarter business solutions. Trendata is staffed with hands-on visionaries who understand the needs of innovators, game changers and strategic thinkers. By exploring new technologies, Trendata pushes the frontiers of research so that both existing as well as new clients achieve success in customer value, product innovation, brand engagement and future-proof business strategies.

At Trendata, business analysts and data scientists work together to bring out the best in each other. Together they provide valuable and actionable insights for growing companies as well as frontrunners and market leaders who are looking for excellence and want to (continue to) stay ahead. Trendata discovers trends before they are trending and understands consumer needs before the rest of the world does. By analysing these insights and presenting them in an easy to understand manner, companies can respond to the specific needs of their existing and new customers.

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