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Daisycon helps advertisers by realising their online marketing goals

We do this by working with a strong network of publishers that we support in maximizing income media such as websites, mailing lists, socials and apps. Daisycon is active throughout Europe and beyond and has offices in seven countries.

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  • Boost your reach, nationally and internationally
  • Generate more sales and leads
  • Pay for measurable results
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Highlighted industries

With over 1,500 campaigns in multiple markets and 30,000+ publishers, we drive affiliate marketing results in various key industries, including retail, fashion, telecom, finance, surveys, home & living, and more. We take pride in all our campaigns, ensuring that each campaign, publisher, and industry receives the right amount of care and attention.

We’ve highlighted some of these industries to illustrate how affiliate marketing can benefit your brand and how we can elevate your campaigns to the next level.



  • 140+ advertisers
  • 1600+ publishers
  • 15,000+ monthly orders

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Home & Living

  • 125+ advertisers
  • 1000+ publishers
  • 10,000+ monthly orders


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Market Research

  • 70+ advertisers
  • 500+ publishers
  • 130,000+ monthly conversions


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