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Daisycon and Home & Living

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Within the Home & Living segment, we work with various niches. We have experience with webshops focused on interior design, DIY/renovation, gardening, and more. The approach, target audience, and seasonality vary for each type of campaign. For each of these niches, there are specific publishers that cater to them. Additionally, there are general publishers with a broad reach that are interesting for all Home & Living advertisers, such as loyalty platforms, closed user groups, and content websites.

To make your affiliate campaign within the Home & Living segment a success, it’s important to incorporate various elements. In addition to inspiring visuals, action-oriented banners, email templates, and discount codes, a comprehensive product feed is highly recommended. This way, we can utilise a diverse mix of partners within the affiliate campaign. Inspiring visuals can be used by content partners or social media partners to inspire the target audience and promote your brand seamlessly.

If you have a high-quality product feed, your products can be featured on comparison websites or promoted by Google Shopping partners. This allows potential customers to find information about prices, available colours, and estimated delivery times, for example. The use of action-oriented banners and discount codes helps provide that final convincing push.

Home & Living webshops often have significant differences in profit margins for various types of products within the same webshop. Therefore, it is recommended to take this into account when setting up the campaign. By negotiating different commission rates based on these margins, we can optimise the campaign right from the start.

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Daisycon Fashion Affiliate marketing
Daisycon Fashion Affiliate marketing
Daisycon Fashion Affiliate marketing

Why Daisycon and Home & Living are a great combination:

International Market Research: Surveys

International affiliate network

Advertise in our large, international affiliate network: Daisycon offers a network of more than 30.000 active websites and a vast social and mobile reach.

International Market Research: Surveys

Team of specialists

Generate maximum return from your online campaigns with proactive support supplied by our online advertising specialists and dedicated channel managers.

International Market Research: Surveys

One stop shop

Daisycon is a one stop shop for performance based marketing. Generate additional sales on your website via Affiliate Marketing, collect data from potential customers via Lead Generation, generate a constant stream of new installs for your app with App-installs and advertise on the largest Marketplaces.

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