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Since 2000, Daisycon has built up a great, international network of more than 30.000 active websites, alongside the vast social and mobile reach. Thanks to this network of publishers, you can be visible to your target group as soon as tomorrow. Ready to begin?

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If you use Affiliate Marketing for advertising, you are promoted by publishers. These publishers, or affiliates, have websites or other online media that send relevant traffic to an advertiser. The advertiser pays a fee (commission) once a forwarded visitor converts (e.g. a transaction is made, a subscription is made). This fee is based on sale, lead, install or other. For example, when the fee is based on a sale. The commission usually amounts to a few percent of the purchase price (Cost per Sale, CPS). Additional fees are possible, for example a fixed fee for generating a lead or app install (Cost per Lead, per Install, CPL and CPI).

This way advertisers know in advance how much they must pay per order. If the Publisher manages to send visitors of high quality, he or she can earn more with Affiliate Marketing than other forms of online marketing.
Affiliate Marketing will always have two sides. The publisher (the one placing the advertisement) and the advertiser (or merchant, the one who advertises). Through innovative technology and personalized service, Daisycon has been servicing both sides to work together optimally for almost 20 years.
Watch our video “What is Affiliate Marketing?”. It explains how Affiliate Marketing works at Daisycon within two minutes.

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How does Affiliate Marketing work
for you as an advertiser?

For an advertiser, Affiliate Marketing means that you work together with Daisycon and our publishers (managing websites, email databases, socials) in order to increase your online returns. You will make promotional material available to the affiliate network. Your text links, banners and product feeds will be used by the publishers who you have allowed access to your affiliate program. Besides content websites and social media, it is also possible to advertise through comparison websites, Google Shopping and Bing Shopping.

They will use your promotional material to refer their visitors to your website.The publishers receive payment based on clicks, impressions, leads, sales or a combination of these. You determine the commission yourself. If you wish, Daisycon can provide expert advice on the most effective payment structure for your affiliate program.

Daisycon’s software records all transactions, supports you with the optimalisation of your affiliate program and takes care of payment to publishers. This means that you will only pay for genuine, high quality visitors and customers.

Daisycon’s software registers the transactions generated by the affiliate program. Through your personal account you will have a clear overview of your statistics and transactions. It will enable you to reach out to and communicate with publishers. Transactions can be are verified one by one. This means that you will not have to pay for cancelled transactions. Daisycon facilitates the publishers that promote your campaign, and provides the payout to those who forward converting visitors.

Webshopsoftware – Ecommerce platforms

Do you use webshop software? Daisycon offers ready-to-use integrations with most software, with which you can effortlessly implement our services in platforms like Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce.

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Advertise in our large, international affiliate network: Daisycon offers a network of more than 30.000 active websites and a vast social and mobile reach.

International Market Research: Surveys

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Generate maximum return from your online campaigns with proactive support supplied by our online advertising specialists and dedicated channel managers.

International Market Research: Surveys

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Daisycon is a one stop shop for performance based marketing. Generate additional sales on your website via Affiliate Marketing, collect data from potential customers via Lead Generation, generate a constant stream of new installs for your app with App-installs and advertise on the largest Marketplaces.

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