Daisycon strengthens European position through acquisition of Belgian ‘i-affiliate’

Date of publication:

Since 2000, Daisycon has played a prominent role in performance based online marketing  and is now taking over the Belgian affiliate network i- affiliate, effective June 25 2014. With this cross-border acquisition, Daisycon further shapes its growth ambitions and strengthens its position in the European market.

By expanding its existing Belgian position, Daisycon is keeping abreast of  the rapid growth of e-commerce. The activities of i-affiliate, founded in 2006 by Bruno Delepierre, will be integrated into the Daisycon international network.

Daisycon’s in-house developed system, with its innovative features and state of the art matching technology, is now available to i-affiliate’s advertisers and publishers. Like Daisycon, i-affiliate operates throughout Europe. Advertisers and publishers of both Daisycon and i-affiliate benefit from the growing market reach, while more publishers are now available to advertisers. In their turn, publishers can choose from more top campaigns to promote.

Marko Dobroschelski, Daisycon´s CEO, and Bruno Delepierre, founder of i-affiliate, are satisfied with the smooth cooperation and look forward to providing opportunities for their advertisers and publishers.

Marko Dobroschelski:

“With this acquisition Daisycon strengthens its strategic position. The Belgian market offers a lot of potential, right at the heart of Europe. Not only our Belgian, but also our international advertisers and publishers recognize this. The synergy created by this acquisition allows them to capitalize on this.”

Bruno Delepierre:

“Thanks to the extensive network and reliable system Daisycon simply offers more opportunities for advertisers and publishers of i-affiliate. Thus, it enables them to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the growth of e-commerce in general, and performance based marketing in particular.”

Daisycon focuses on continually providing more opportunities and innovative features to its advertisers and publishers. Through smart, data driven solutions performance based marketing is evolving at Daisycon. It is becoming a service that makes it increasingly possible to deploy the most relevant publishers to reach both large target groups and niche markets at the right time and to convert them.