Black Friday: twice the amount of transactions

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On the 24th and 27th of November 2017, a conversion phenomenon will take place in online retail: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Traditionally, Black Friday is the first Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States. A day on which Americans start their Christmas shopping. We all know the funny stories about shop visitors during Black Friday: From a man who tried to stuff a game console in his jeans to fist fights over a toy car. No, the Dutch consumer handles Black Friday in a more down-to-earth, and most importantly, a more efficient way: just order online!

Cyber Monday has become the online equivalent of Black Friday. With Cyber Monday, American retailers hope to minimize the crowds in their stores. That is why attractive deals and discounts are also offered online on this day (sometimes up to 90%!). In the Netherlands, the focus is mainly on Black Friday, but more and more online retailers are taking their chance to tempt consumers into a weekend of online deals and bargains.

Not only Dutch Daisycon publishers have been preparing for this phenomenon for months, Dutch advertisers have send in extra promotions to get the most out of their business via our special Black Friday & Cyber Monday promotion. 

Twice as many transactions and twice the transaction value

As a performance based marketing network, Daisycon advises publishers and advertisers based on data. We also identify trends and developments for various channels. This way, both publishers and advertisers optimize their activities.

A few channels at Daisycon show extra growth during Black Friday and are therefore ideal to promote:

  • Beauty & Health
  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Food & Drinks
  • Living, House & Garden

If we compare these channels to the most popular search terms on Google, on the 25th of November 2016 (Black Friday last year), we see the same trend: sneakers, perfume, clothing, gameconsoles en warehouses are often on the list of most popular subjects and search terms. (Source: Google Trends).

The chart below shows an overview of the channels mentioned above, November 2016. This graph shows the number of transactions (pink line) and the transaction value (green bar charts). By transaction value we mean the sum of all commissions.

  Black Friday 2016

Uit de grafiek wordt duidelijk dat op Black Friday vorig jaar, 25 november 2016, er een verdubbeling plaatsvond van het aantal transacties én van de transactiewaarde. We kunnen dus ook vanuit onze data met zekerheid zeggen dat Black Friday een conversieknaller is voor publishers en adverteerders.  

24/7 transactions

Let’s zoom in on the day itself:

The chart below shows the statistics of November 25, 2016. This graph again shows both the number of transactions (pink line) and the transaction value (green bars) of the above mentioned channels. 

Black Friday 2016

At midnight, the shoppers are already eager to buy. Around 8am things really get going: the amount of transactions rises as well as the total commossion value. They activity stays high the rest of the day, even untill the last hours of the day. 


Both the number of transactions as well as the transaction value have a moment of doubling: for the transaction value this is at 2pm, for the number of transactions this takes place around 5pm. This means that around 2pm products are being sold that are very interesting for publishers: A high transaction value means a high commission. The peak in the amount of transactiosn at 5pm shows that this is a good time to put in extra efforts: the consumer is buying actively!

In Europe we do not celebrate Thanksgiving, but we can clearly compare it to our own festive season:  the channels mentioned above are in fact ideal for promoting Christmas presents. 

There is no doubt that Black Friday & Cyber Monday are interesting days to promote. The strong growth the online retail event has made over the last couple of years, makes it an interesting recurring event for advertisers and publishers. We can’t wait to see the results from this year and hope to promote it in the rest of Europe next year!

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