Code of Conduct for promotional code publishers

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The internet is loaded with them: online promotional codes (also known as discount coupons, coupon codes, coupons). When consumers are browsing online for promotional codes, they will quickly come across numerous codes and vouchers from hundreds of advertisers. The ongoing debate is whether these types of publishers add value to a campaign or if they just focus on “the last click”. In this article we will explain that a collaboration between promotional code publisers and advertisers can in fact add real value to a campaign.

Transparent cooperation

To ensure that the cooperation between advertiser and publisher is transparent and fair, and to make the use of promotional codes for consumers user-friendly and reliable, Daisycon has introduced the Code of Conduct for Promotional Codes. Publishers who use promotional codes to promote campaigns from advertisers within the Daisycon network, have to comply with the guidelines as stated in the Code of Conduct.

The code of conduct has advantages for both the advertiser and the publisher:

  • For the advertiser, it is now clear what they can expect from a collaboration with a promotional code publisher. For example, how a promotional code publisher can promote the campaign and how promotional deals and promotional codes may or must be communicated.
  • For the promotional code publisher, it is clear which rules they should comply with. This prevents unexpected exclusion from a campaign or rejection of transactions for no apparent reason.

The added value of discount

A visitor adds items to his shopping basket, leaves the website and returns with a promotional code. As an advertiser this probably sounds familiar. This scenario is often confirmed by web analytic tools. We know where visitors come from, which browser they use and we even know what’s in the shopping cart. What we do not see, however, is what happens in other browser tabs or windows.


An Acer Chromebook 14 inch costs € 309 at ‘Webshop X’ while at ‘Webshop Y’ the exact same Chromebook costs € 329. Consumers have these Chromebooks in their shopping baskets at both stores, but are still looking for confirmation for the best deal. The consumer will find a promotional code worth € 25 when spending € 200 at Webshop Y. The consumer decides to use the promotional code to buy the Chromebook at Webshop Y for € 304 after discount.

For Webshop Y it now seems as if the promotional code publisher did not have any additional value. The visitor already had the item in the shopping cart and appeared to have left just to grab a discount. Without the promotional code however, this sale would most likely not have taken place. After all, the consumer is always looking for the best deal. This particular customer was, like many, already comparing prices.

Last click only

Another recurring argument is that promotional code publishers only focus on the last click. This would not reward valuable publishers at the beginning of the funnel. However, statistics from several campaigns at Daisycon show that promotional code publishers regularly contribute earlier in the sales funnel. Every month thousands of unique visitors search for promotional codes and promotions on promotional code websites. In addition, they have large email newsletter databases, many social media followers and some promotional code websites work together with third parties such as major news outlets. In addition to sales, collaboration with a promotional code publisher is also a good branding source.

Promotional code publishers show added value with Shopping Cart Pixel

The fact that promotional code publishers are mostly active at the end of the funnel cannot be denied. After the orientation phase, there are always consumers searching for a discount. Most advertisers also indicate that their customers can use a promotional code during the check-out process (by allowing the customer to enter one). This quickly triggers potential buyers to search for the availability of a promotional code. As an advertiser you have the possibility to use the Shopping Cart Pixel</> at Daisycon.

This pixel gives advertisers the opportunity to reserve a (potential) transaction for a publisher as soon as the visitor places a product in his shopping cart. When a visitor decides to leave the website, after filling his shopping cart to find a promotional code, the Shopping Cart Pixel will ensure that the commission for the final transaction is assigned to the publisher who was responsible for delivering the visitor to the webshop.

The Shopping Cart Pixel allows promotional code advertisers to show advertisers what their added value is. Based on the statistics of campaigns with the Shopping Cart Pixel, we see that only 10% to 15% of transactions are blocked. This means that in most cases the promotional code publisher contributes to the transaction before an item is added to the shopping cart.

Tips for a good collaboration with promotional code publishers

Finally, some tips to optimize your collaboration with promotional code publishers:

  • Let discount apply to a higher minimum order value. This gives your consumers that little push to spend more money in your webshop.
  • Attract new customers by giving specific discounts to new customers. This prevents customers who regularly buy products in your webshop from using promotional codes.
  • Make discounts for certain products / product groups instead of the entire range. This way, you are not giving unnecessary discounts on products that are commonly purchased without discount.
  • Give a free product, free shipping or other incentive instead of a (margin) discount.

Start a dialogue

In addition to these tips, the biggest tip is to get in touch with promotional code publishers. Promotional code publishers are professional businesses that are looking for long-term collaborations with advertisers. By working together and listening to each other, you as an advertiser can benefit from this collaboration even more.


Publishers have the most important contribution to the success of your campaign. Therefore, start a dialogue, ask what is possible and ensure personal contact. This way your campaign will continue to be successful! Would you like to know more about working with promotional code publishers? Feel free to Contact us.