Daisycon introduces ‘the assist’ and brings conversion attribution closer

Date of publication:

Daisycon introduces a new feature in conversion attribution within the affiliate channel. With the “Conversion Assist” the network offers its advertisers a convenient novelty with which they can collaborate in a targeted way with publishers. Thanks to this functionality, an advertiser may reward the publisher, who was made a significant contribution to a conversion, with an additional fee.

This so-called “Conversion Assist” can be assigned to predefined publishers. This way advertisers can activate specific types of publishers like bloggers and content websites with relevant content and corresponding audience.

Thanks to Daisycon’s inhouse developed “Engagement Mapping” advertisers already have full transparency about the customer journey along the activated publishers, before a visitor completes a purchase. This feature is now extended with the possibility to grant an additional fee to the publisher who gave the assist to the conversion. In order to make use of this option the advertiser does not need to implement anything extra, nor does he need to change the tracking code.

Marko Dobroschelski, CEO Daisycon about the conversion assist:

“With this innovation we make the affiliate channel even more controllable. It’s not just about the last click but also about the range publishers have and the traffic coming from it, that contributes to the conversion.”

Attribution remains a hot topic in online marketing. Daisycon offers several innovative tools to recognize and reward publishers at different times and places in the customer journey. For example, Daisycon earlier launched the Dedicated Promotion Code, which allows an advertiser to service specific quality voucher partners. Also, the Shopping Cart Pixel offers the opportunity to reserve a (potential) transaction for a specific publisher when the visitor places products into the basket.