Daisycon combines forces: introducing Channel Retail

More marketing specialists on one channel, same level of service

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Over the past year, we have grown considerably as a network and as an organisation. In order to still provide advertisers and publishers with the best possible service, we are therefore combining the strengths of several affiliate marketing specialists into one channel: Channel Retail. This brings a number of advantages.

Quick contact means quick results

As one team, we can react faster, share knowledge, take advantage of opportunities and help you more efficiently with your affiliate program.

Team of specialists

Instead of one contact person who manages your campaign, a team of specialists will actively look for ways to get the most out of your affiliate program.

More opportunities to grow your campaign

As an advertiser at Daisycon, you can benefit from plenty of growth opportunities. These are opportunities that arise from Daisycon’s many technical innovations, including email marketing, product feeds and our API.

But there are also many commercial opportunities: new collaborations with publishers and the connection we offer with our partners in Linehub: Affiliprint, Sovendus and Conversive. The team will be happy to update you on the possibilities.

Contact Channel Retail

Our general email address is [email protected]. If you have any questions or if your contact persons are absent, you can contact us via this email address.

Top deals for Black Friday & Cyber Monday

This is the moment to focus on perhaps the biggest (e-)retail event of the year: Black Friday & Cyber Monday. In collaboration with our Publisher Management department, we have compiled a list of top publishers for you.

Interested in making a deal for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Contact Channel Retail and we will be happy to help you!

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