Daisycon launches Crypto channel

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Update o 02-12-2019: As of December 20th 2019, it is no longer possible to receive payment in bitcoin as publisher at Daisycon.

Performance based marketing network Daisycon starts a new channel focused on cryptocurrency and blockchain related products and services. This concerns hardware (wallets, mining) and software (trading). It also includes exchanges, exchange offices, the promotion of ICOs, e-learning courses and merchandise such as goodies and books.

The Crypto channel is intended for advertisers with a wide range of products and services related to cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Daisycon uses targeted affiliate marketing and lead generation (or a combination of both) to achieve the sales targets of advertisers.

“The channel managers at Daisycon know the material and are involved in the cryptocurrency and blockchain community. This gives us solid knowledge of the market and technology and we have already built up a large network. We can properly guide and advise both advertisers and publishers. “- Josef Weirauch, Account Manager at Daisycon.

Daisycon has been supporting the payout of publisher fees in Bitcoin since 2014. The past few years Daisycon has always been among the top 3 best affiliate networks in the Netherlands (Emerce 100). As a result, the publisher network has grown steadily, including a now considerable group of publishers who can promote the channel Crypto.

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