Daisycon once again ranked number 1 in Emerce 100

Date of the event:

We are very proud to announce that Daisycon has once again won first place in the “Best Affiliate Networks” category of the Emerce100 in 2023.

The Emerce 100 is an annual ranking of the best e-business companies in the Netherlands. It is a recognition of our commitment and dedication to our clients and our field. In this eighteenth edition of the survey led by Emerce and their partner Motivaction, not only Daisycon scored high in the rankings. This year, Linehub also scores well with a whopping five stars in the “Agency Groups” category.

Marko Dobroschelski, CEO Linehub:

We are honored and delighted that we and Daisycon are in first place among Affiliate networks, but also that all networks have a higher rating this year. Indeed, this means that performance-based marketing as a whole is becoming increasingly professional.

Although the Emerce 100 is expanded every year with new categories, many labels of Linehub are still missing from the list. Because they do not have their own category, they cannot measure up to their competitors. Basebuilder, Affiliprint and Sovendus, for example, have no listing, even though the service level here is certainly as high as that of Daisycon.

Daisycon and the Emerce 100
Daisycon is committed to the personal side of the customer relationship while seeking to add value by further optimizing its services: greater ease of use in further developing the online interface and providing data insights. Daisycon is also committed to information security, for which the ISO 27001 certification for data security has been awarded. Further internationalization is also a spearhead. The offices in Antwerp, Bucharest, Aarhus and Helsinki, among others, have been expanded last year with a larger team of professionals.

That these developments are recognized by customers and rewarded with a high rating in the Emerce 100 is a fine endorsement of the course set.

About Linehub
Linehub is an internationally operating collective of marketing agencies. Daisycon explores new opportunities with Affiliprint, Basebuilder, Conversive, New-Media, Sovendus BV and Trendata and together we join forces. With the complementary services we are creating more brand awareness for our partners, acquiring valuable leads and customers and thus ensuring growth.