Daisycon Publisher Spotlight: Black Friday Nederland

2+ million unique website visitors in Black Friday period | 100,000+ newsletter subscribers | 39,000+ social media followers

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This week, the Publisher Spotlight is entirely dedicated to Black Friday. We introduce you to our publisher, Black Friday Nederland. BlackFridayNederland.nl has been delivering excellent results for nearly 10 years and is by far the largest Black Friday platform in the Netherlands. Learn all about Black Friday Nederland, their partnership with Daisycon, and their story of success.

Black Friday Nederland: the Number 1 platform in the Netherlands

BlackFridayNederland.nl was launched in 2014, with the primary goal of providing information about Black Friday. Initially, the focus was on explaining the term and its origins. However, with the rise of numerous stores and online shops offering Black Friday deals, it quickly transformed into the largest Black Friday platform in the Netherlands. It became a platform where consumers seek inspiration and advice on the best deals for the products they desire. Its name recognition, organic rankings, and years of use by consumers make it the number 1 platform in the Netherlands.

The platform is highly regarded in the market for its user-friendly interface, extensive search filters, and the ability to receive automatic price updates through feeds and APIs. But the most significant feature is the ability to gain targeted visibility in specific areas relevant to your product categories.

Black Friday Netherlands has proven itself over nearly 10 years as a reliable predictor and consistently delivers excellent results. They stand out for their openness and transparency towards advertisers, proactively sharing comprehensive reports after each advertising period, supported by imagery and data to clarify the campaign’s results.

Black Friday Nederland and Daisycon

The collaboration with Daisycon plays a crucial role in the Black Friday Netherlands network. The diverse range of A-brands, including both emerging smaller players and established market leaders, contributes to an extensive network. Thanks to user-friendliness, personal contact, and close collaboration, they work together to achieve the most suitable campaigns and impressive results.

“We perceive Daisycon’s network as highly user-friendly, and the personal contact and collaboration, where we critically assess the best-suited campaigns for our clients together, allows us to achieve excellent results together.”

The power of Black Friday Nederland

Black Friday Nederland boasts a multitude of success stories, but it truly excels in its ability to inspire consumers.

“Visitors to the platform experience a latent buying need while being captivated by numerous offers and deals. They browse, filter and realize their specific needs at that moment, leading to click-throughs and purchases.”

When measuring new attribution models and Incremental Scores, BlackFridayNederland.nl consistently achieves exceptionally high scores. This underscores that the platform does not only attracts a large number of visitors and generates conversions but also adds substantial value to the purchasing process for its customers.

Maddox Media

Maddox Media is the umbrella organisation of Black Friday Nederland. Maddox Media specialises in the development, management, and promotion of affiliate marketing platforms. In recent times, Maddox Media has expanded significantly. They are not only active with the Black Friday Nederland platform but have also grown internationally. They are active in Belgium, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Are you operating internationally? They can also promote your online shop through their platforms. Similar advertising opportunities to those in the Netherlands are available abroad. Inquire about their media kits for more information about their platform and advertising packages in the Daisycon Marketplace!

Black Friday Deals

Advertising on BlackFridayNederland.nl can significantly boost your sales for Q4! Categories 1 and 2 are already sold out. Book the category 3/4 by clicking at the promotion button on theDaisycon Marketplace today.

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