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4,000,000+ users | 6,000+ brands | 150,000+ discount codes

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This week, we introduce you to our publisher Bravokorting.nl. The portal is designed to provide customers with discount codes, coupons, and promotional offers for online shopping. Explore everything about their collaboration with Daisycon and check out an exclusive Daisycon deal!

The Bravokorting.nl Portal

Bravokorting.nl is part of the international portals of the Bravo Savings Network. The company boasts 13 portals in 13 different countries. The aim of Bravokorting.nl is to provide as many people as possible with discount codes, coupons, and promotions from the most popular stores. This allows as many users as possible to save money when shopping online. In addition, they have the opportunity to reliably make their purchases at lower prices.

Currently, there are more than 580 brands and stores available on the portal, spanning categories such as fashion, cosmetics, electronics & high tech, travel, groceries, and more.

Collaboration with Daisycon

Bravokorting.nl has been collaborating with Daisycon since 2021. They are highly satisfied with the partnership and the Daisycon Marketplace. Through the Daisycon Marketplace, they can efficiently and user-friendly collaborate, facilitating easy agreements between advertisers and publishers, strengthening their partnership.

“The Marketplace allows us to reach the full range of advertisers we collaborate with and offer them available deals and packages at any specific moment.”

An Exclusive Daisycon Deal!

Boost your performance with this temporary exclusive Daisycon deal from Bravokorting.nl. Receive additional exposure with discounts of up to 15% both on-site and off-site. Optimise your results by purchasing one of the offered packages! Interested in this deal? Take a quick look at the Daisycon Marketplace!

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