Daisycon Publisher Spotlight: Flavourites

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The Publisher Spotlight is all about getting to know our publishers and the story behind our partnership. In this first edition of our ‘Publisher Spotlight’ series which we will share every two weeks, we’re excited to shine a light on Flavourites, a remarkable partner in the Daisycon network. Flavourites is a platform that curates original webshops, providing visitors with a guide to discovering unique and high-quality products. Founded by Natascha Klootsema in 2007, Flavourites has become a go-to destination for lifestyle-related inspiration, offering a carefully selected range of webshops and captivating content. Let’s dive deeper into the world of Flavourites and explore what sets them apart from their competitors.

A passion for quality and inspiration

At Flavourites, the team is dedicated to finding the hidden gems in the fast online shopping landscape. With a focus on fashion, interior design, children’s products and travel, Flavourites acts as a trusted guide, leading visitors to the best addresses for unique and remarkable finds. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to quality. Every webshop featured on Flavourites undergoes a meticulous selection process, ensuring that only the highest-quality products and experiences are showcased.

Differentiation and success

Flavourites differentiates itself by providing a calm and visually appealing website that prioritizes editorial content over excessive banners. Their platform offers a wealth of tips, ideas and inspiration, presented in a beautifully curated manner. By focusing on quality images, well-written blogs and engaging content, Flavourites creates a positive and memorable experience for their visitors. This approach has yielded successful results, with advertisers continuously returning to collaborate with Flavourites.

The Daisycon network

Flavourites has been a valued member of the Daisycon network for several years.

“We are matched with advertisers that really suit us and always have personal contact with the team. The results are accordingly, which means that this approach works well for us. The dedicated team at Daisycon ensures that the collaboration runs smoothly, resulting in positive outcomes for both parties. This strong relationship is a testament to the effectiveness of the Daisycon network in connecting publishers and advertisers.”

Success stories

Advertisers like Sissy-Boy and Bloompost have achieved remarkable success through their partnerships with Flavourites. The platform’s features, including webshop features, newsletters and social media promotion, enhance visibility and drive engagement. Flavourites’ high domain authority of 59 also boosts advertisers’ SEO.

The power of personalized partnerships

Each advertiser is unique, and thus, a tailored approach is crucial for successful partnerships. By closely collaborating with advertisers, Flavourites identifies the most effective content strategies and ensures that the promotional efforts align with the advertiser’s goals. This personalized approach, coupled with a belief in the power of repetition, has proven to be highly effective over the past fifteen years of Flavourites’ operation.

Exciting news

An exciting offer for Daisycon members this month! Flavourites are providing a special deal for brand strategy in combination with a publication on Flavourites. To learn more about this exclusive offer, visit https://contentkitchen.nl/daisycon/.

Unleashing the potential with Daisycon Marketplace

Flavourites actively utilizes the Daisycon Marketplace, and as a gesture of appreciation, they are offering a time-limited Daisycon exclusive deal for advertisers. The deal includes a blog publication on Flavourites’ website, complete with placement in their newsletter reaching 23,000 engaged readers. The blog will be SEO optimized, containing a minimum of 350 words and at least one image in a 1000×660 pixel format. With Flavourites’ high domain authority, this exclusive deal presents a valuable opportunity for advertisers to boost their online presence. Check out Flavourite´s exclusive marketplace promotion in our Daisycon Marketplace.

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