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This week in the Daisycon Publisher Spotlight, we introduce you to HolidayPirates. Your treasure map for discovering fantastic travel deals. An international organisation that makes travel affordable and accessible to everyone. Get to know the organisation, its collaboration with Daisycon, and check out the Daisycon Marketplace for the latest deals.

The Strength of HolidayPirates

HolidayPirates is not just a travel platform. At HolidayPirates, you’ll find the best travel deals and amazing offers accessible to everyone. HolidayPirates is on a daily quest for the best travel deals, travel inspiration, and fantastic offers for its users.

HolidayPirates is part of HolidayPirates GmbH, operating in 10 countries. Born out of the vision of two German students, they have grown into a thriving organisation with a dynamic work environment where creativity is at the core. The organisation boasts more than 150 employees with an unparalleled passion for travel. The dedicated Dutch and Flemish teams together form the strength of VakantiePiraten.

“Every day, we embark on a beautiful journey to find the best travel deals, offering our users not only exciting travel inspiration but also pirate tips and fantastic deals. There’s always something to discover with us, going beyond just a travel offer.”

HolidayPirates & Daisycon

Daisycon and HolidayPirates have a successful collaboration. Daisycon contributes to establishing new partnerships and collaborates on strategic thinking. HolidayPirates emphasizes the importance of a win-win situation in collaboration. By optimising ideas and visions together, you can benefit from a successful partnership.

“We have an incredibly large platform and are present in 10 markets. Sharing best practices enables us to optimise our creativity and ideas.”

Daisycon deals

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