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Internationally across 20 markets | 2,000+ international brands

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It’s time for a new Daisycon Publisher Spotlight. This week we will introduce you to Intent.ly. The leading experts in optimising customer conversations, helping you unlock the potential of your audience through seamless, personalised engagement tools. Read the blog and find out everything about Intent.ly, their story and the partnership with Daisycon!

The story behind Intent.ly

Intent.ly was founded in 2013, ten years later they have a close-knit team of almost 50 working internationally across 20 markets. Intent.ly is a market-leading customer journey optimisation platform. They provide solutions to online retailers that reduces bounce rates, improves conversion rates and produces an increase in overall customer experience and retailer revenue. They are proud to support over 2,000 international brands with more brilliant businesses joining them every week.

Intent.ly takes pride in their unique approach and attitude when it comes to enhancing their partners’ on-site customer experience. Intent.ly consistently provides high-quality service and reporting, tailored to meet their partners’ specific needs and requirements.

“We pride ourselves on our approach and attitude to helping improve our partners’ customer onsite experience. We separate ourselves with our broad capabilities and ability to segment and target an array of core KPIs, as well as delivering on the best level of service and reporting available and as required per partner.”

Daisycon and Intent.ly

Intent.ly experiences the collaboration with Daisycon full of great energy and values that are similar to their own. They are having proactive support within the Daisycon set-up which drives both parties to increase penetration and performance.

“We love the teams. They work hard on our behalf. They trust and they deliver on their commitments. As we built the partnership it was clear to see you have a great marketplace and a broad mix of advertisers of which we strive to partner. We see a huge potential in this partnership and would love to continue in our efforts to increase penetration across your network.”

A successful partnership

Intent.ly is one of the largest technology publishers across Europe, with a fast growing presence across the United States and Latin America.

They really care about an open partnership who embrace technologies as theirs to further improve their customer experience and web performance. Intent.ly offers a range of solutions to meet advertiser goals and objectives. They approach partnerships with a truly considered and solution-led approach.

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