Daisycon Publisher Spotlight: Qassa

200.000+ members | 4.500+ affiliated webshops | 5+ million page views per month

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In this edition of the Publisher Spotlight, we introduce you to our publisher: Qassa. An international online shopping platform where consumers can become members for free. As a member, you stay informed about the latest promotions from online stores. Linda and Charina, both General Managers at Qassa, shared everything with us about the platform, successful collaborations, and an exclusive deal!

Meet Qassa!

The international online shopping platform was founded in the year 2000 and has been active in the affiliate marketing world for 23 years. At Qassa, you can become a member for free and stay informed about the latest promotions from webshops. In addition, as a member, you receive Qoins when making a purchase through the platform from one of the 4,500+ affiliated webshops. Besides incentivized shopping, you can also receive emails, play games, post reviews for all webshops, and play bingo.

“Qassa is much more than just ‘cashback,’ Qassa is a loyalty program.”

Differentation of Qassa

Qassa collaborates successfully with multiple brands. For example, they work with brands such as OHRA and H&M. One of the largest collaborations is with Wehkamp, as they exclusively work with Qassa.

Qassa differentiates itself through its loyal base and various advertising opportunities. They always strive to create the best solution that fits within the client’s budget.

Successful collaboration with Daisycon

Qassa and Daisycon have had a successful collaboration from the beginning. They appreciate the contact with the Publisher Managers and find great value in the portfolio of advertisers.

“The Publisher Managers ensure that everything is always well organised for us and they brainstorm with us. Your portfolio of advertisers is also excellent!”

Exclusive Daisycon deal!

Qassa has an exclusive deal for all Daisycon members. Receive 20% discount on booking a mailing, banner, or package. To avail of this deal, mention the code: DaisyconQ20 when making your booking. The deal is valid until December 31, 2023. So, act fast!

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