Daisycon chosen as the best network again!

Date of publication:

Almere – Just as in 2009 and 2010, Yonego organised the affiliate survey to find out with which network the publishers like to co-operate best. And just as in the last years, Daisycon is chosen as the best network again.

Marko Dobroschelski; CEO of Daisycon: “It’s not easy to accelerate in a market that moves so fast as ours. Technological advances, internationalisation and the demand of more service, make us raise the bar on a higher level each day to maintain our leading position from the last years. We are operating in a dynamic market that asks for a 100% attention and flexibility, without losing sight on the stability and reliability of our system. The survey shows we’ve succeeded to be the favourite network in the Netherlands again. We’ve done this with the best tracking method, the best service and the best program offerings. As always, there is room for improvement and that’s where we will put our efforts and focus on in 2012.”

Nevertheless, the survey shows some improvements as well. Concerning our system, we have to let the competition in front. Still, the Daisycon-system is chosen as solid second in terms of usability. We will keep monitoring what we could do to improve the usability of our system.

All networks show a rise in level of knowledge, just as the satisfaction of the support and the contact with the networks. Overall, that is a great improvement for the whole affiliate marketing-branche which will continue to develop and prove itself. According to the publisher communication-survey, which was presented by Daisycon in the Netherlands earlier this year, it seemed that publishers add value to a pleasant contact with the network. The Yonego survey confirms this.

To make sure we can count on the appreciation of our publishers next year, we will definitely take a closer look at the Yonego survey. We will do our best to be the best affiliate network in 2012 as well.