As the number of businesses accepting Bitcoin payment increases, Daisycon goes even further and starts paying it’s publishers in Bitcoins

Per December 20th 2019 it is no longer possible to receive bitcoin as means of payment when you're a publisher at Daisycon

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Update on 02-12-2019: Per December 20th 2019, it is no longer possible to receive payment in bitcoin as publisher at Daisycon.

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Affiliate network Daisycon introduces Bitcoin payments: a new way for publishers to be rewarded for their efforts. With this introduction Daisycon is the first affiliate network to offer Bitcoin payments. Bitcoin payments are available to all Daisycon publishers worldwide. 

Bitcoin is an international peer-to-peer electronic payment system. Bitcoins have been available since January 2009 and have been increasing in popularity ever since. It’s open source crypto currency makes it possible to exchange transactions without the control of banks or regulators. The number of European webshops that accept Bitcoin payments are growing rapidly. Daisycon is going even further and now offers Publishers (also known as affiliates) the possibility to receive payments in this digital currency.

Up to now, Daisycon Publishers have been able to choose to receive payments on their PayPal accounts. Furthermore, they have been able to select a fast direct payment or to accumulate payments. By offering Bitcoins as yet another payment option, Daisycon offers even more freedom to it’s Publishers. Daisycon believes in the further growth of performance based online marketing and examplifies, though constant innovation, that Advertisers and Publishers can benefit from this. 

Marko Dobroschelski, CEO:

“Daisycon recognizes that providing service and innovative solutions to Publishers is an important USP. Beside the fast and insightful financial processing, payments in Bitcoin offer new possibilities and further cost reductions. We are certain that with this step we cater to the needs of some of the innovative publishers in our network.”

To reward publishers chosing Bitcoin payment, Daisycon will allot Bitcoin credit amongst the first 100 of them!