Daisycon launches new feature: Dedicated Promotion Codes

Dedicated Promotion Codes attributed to specific publishers

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Dutch affiliate network Daisycon has introduced a new, and unique, feature called “Dedicated Promotion Codes”. With this innovative addition to the Daisycon network, advertisers now can generate unique Promotion Codes which are directly linked to an individual publisher. This makes it easier to limit the random distribution of the Promotion Codes online and it allows the advertiser to keep a close eye on the use of the Dedicated Promotion Code. Promotion codes can be published online, but offline too and will –due to their uniqueness- be attributed to the publisher that has been assigned the Dedicated Promotion Code.

The Dedicated Promotion Code makes it possible for advertisers to specifically assign a promotion to the (most) relevant publishers, excluding the rest. Others will generally not use these Codes, because all sales will be contributed to the original publisher, making it not profitable for an other party copying the code. This unique addition to the Daisycon network is foreboding a whole string of new features to be added, making it even easier for the Daisycon advertisers to be successful with affiliate marketing.

In the last year a lot of tools have been added with a focus on publisher convenience, such as the word press plug in and several comparison tools for mobile phones, ski-trips and health care insurances.