Daisycon: voted preferred affiliate network in the Netherlands

Dutch publishers: Daisycon favorite, fourth time in a row

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Proud and satisfied

Today, the Dutch affiliate network Daisycon has been elected for preferred network of the Netherlands for the fourth time in a row. The Dutch publishers have shown their preference in the annual survey that was held by internet agency Yonego in Breda. Participants have expressed their views on various issues related to affiliate marketing. Especially issues such as mobile Internet (m-commerce) are seen as one of the major opportunities for the upcoming period, the uncertainty surrounding the Dutch cookie law is considered a major concern for the Dutch publishers.

Employees of Daisycon regard this election as a recognition for their hard work this past year. The average score of 7.4 puts the network well before the other networks: a direct result of delivering personal service and the highest quality available to all its customers. The Daisycon publishers stated that they are especially pleased with the improved payment methods: in 2012 Daisycon has added weekly payments to its payment methods.

Advertisers increasingly appreciate and connect to the innovative network of Daisycon; in addition to catering to the Dutch market, the Daisycon network has also been made available for the Belgian, German and French markets several years ago. Both advertisers and publishers in all these countries benefit from the extensive knowledge gained in the past 13 years.

Marko Dobroschelski, CEO of Daisycon: “Rising to the top is often a daunting task, but staying at the top usually proves to be an even bigger challenge. I am really proud that we, as a team, have achieved this magnificent result. Our Daisycon team consists of 78 specialists who have made it their mission to look for new possibilities, creative solutions and smart improvements on a daily basis. The industry we operate in, is subject to swift technological innovations and I am proud of the clever technological innovations we have been able to add to our system. Our Smart View-option gives a whole new insight into the results of a campaign and ensures us to further increase the conversion of the campaigns in the Daisycon network. In 2012 we have also added our HTML email template builder, Engagement Mapping and made mobile tracking easily available. All these remarkable features have improved the usability of the system Daisycon significantly.

Daisycon benefits from a clear profile and a wide range of additional opportunities within affiliate marketing. Various channels, such as dedicated travel channel Paxz, determine the gauge of the market. This proposition clearly reflects in the results of this election for the preferred network in the Netherlands. As a network, it is not our business to boast; but since we are really proud of the results, we will celebrate on a small scale today. Small, and certainly nothing too wild: there is still a lot of work to be done!”

As for the rest of 2013, the Daisycon staff will continue to provide its distinctive service and quality to the innovative Daisycon network. Would you like to know more about affiliate marketing and lead generation by Daisycon? Please contact us!