Dating: updated comparison tool

Conversion optimization through better user experience

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The dating comparison tool from Daisycon has been completely updated. This enables you as a publisher to generate revenue through affiliate marketing in a quick and easy way. Based on the experiences of advertisers, publishers and our internal online marketing specialists, the dating comparator has been updated.

Conversion optimization through better user experience

All available dating campaigns at Daisycon are automatically included in the comparator. Thanks to the clear filter options in the comparator, your visitors can easily set certain preferences and dating intentions. In this way, every user can very quickly find the best fitting dating sites, suitable to his or her needs. This user-friendliness and targeted search options contribute to an increased CTR and better conversion.When configuring the comparator you can choose to pre-filter specific filters, aimed at your visitors.

International reach

An important feature in the dating site comparator: the comparator can be configured to match the language of your visitors. This applies to the language of the filter options and buttons as well as to the campaigns.

Regarding the campaigns, this is based on availability in the Daisycon network. For example, in France you can compare all dating campaigns in French while in Norway you can compare them in Norwegian. A user-friendly feature that contributes to the conversion.

You can use the comparator for the following geo’s:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Finland

Modern look, responsive and fully in your house style

With an entirely new look, the new dating comparator fits in seamlessly with the other Daisycon comparators and the corporate identity of your media. A neutral look, in a modern jacket. By working with clear, calm colours and an open design, the comparison is clear and website visitors can see many results at a glance.

The neutral appearance means that the data comparator can be fitted to any type of media, whereby part of your CSS is automatically taken over by the comparator. In addition, you can also change various settings yourself in order to put the finishing touches to the equation, so that the comparator can be perfectly integrated into your media.

The datingcomparison is easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices.

Existing and new users: easy to implement

Implementing the dating comparison is very easy. Go to MyDaisycon, the online interface for publishers and follow the simple steps of configurator.

For Daisycon publishers (login): check the tool in MyDaisycon

After the steps in the configurator have been completed, you will immediately see a preview. When you are satisfied with the result, you can retrieve the code with which you place the comparator on your website. After placement, the comparison is immediately visible to your visitors.

Are you already using the previous version of the data comparator? Follow the above steps in the configurator to configure the new version. Then replace the previous version with the new code.

Would you like to know more about the use of the comparator and the campaigns within dating? Team Dating is ready for you!

More campaigns available via Xpartners

In this new comparator you have the option to include the adult dating campaigns of Xpartners. Xpartners is the performance marketing network -based on Daisycon- for erotic (adult) campaigns. To include these campaigns you need a publisher account from Xpartners. Not a publisher at Xpartners yet? Create your free publisher account here

By combining these two types of campaigns, you can show your visitors a full range, focusing on different niches in the field of online dating.

Start right away

A complete and wide range of (international) dating campaigns make the renewed dating comparison the tool for your media. Promote big advertisers like Parship, Relatieplanet, Pepper and more. Easy to implement and completely adaptable to the style of your website. Help your visitors find the perfect match and place the date comparison on your media today.

Check out the dating comparison in MyDaisycon here and get started right away (login)