Emerce Engage 2017

Date of publication:

Emerce leads the way in identifying emerging technologies and innovative business concepts. For Daisycon a perfect moment to gain the latest insights and get inspired for channels such as telecom, energy, fmcg retail, finance, travel, leisure and automotive. 

What is Engage?

Emerce Engage is about the best strategies for organizations with large consumer databases. Sales, service and loyalty via email, social and web. Also in combination with offline channels. New insights into the effective use of data, systems and customer data. With an integrated approach for increasing conversion and loyalty. In short: the event of the year for professionals in multi-channel marketing, sales and service. 

Also visiting? Let us know!

Daisycon regularly visits national and international conferences and seminars to keep up with trends and market developments. Are you also present at Emerce Engage? Let us know, we would like to meet you!