Emerce100: Daisycon rated as the best affiliate network in the Netherlands

Press release

Date of publication:

Almere, 28th of April 2021

We are proud to announce that Daisycon has secured the 1st place in the category “Best Affiliate Networks” in the Emerce100.

In this edition, Emerce announces how decision-makers from the online industry assess the performance of service providers like us. The step from 4 to 5 stars reflects the growth that we, as a part of Linehub, have made over the past year.

“Like every year, I’m overjoyed with the ranking of Daisycon and Conversive, this underpins our quality and service. I hope that, in the future, there will also be categories available for our other labels, Affiliprint and Sovendus. They were not included as the product/service they offer is too unique to be categorised. But again; an outcome to be proud of!” – Marko Dobroschelski, CEO Linehub

Our growth was a result of a year full of development, in which our international strategy was our key focus. For example, we have opened new offices in Helsinki and Bucharest. As a result, Daisycon was able to achieve enormous growth in 2020, which we hope to continue this year.

“Besides the fact that we, Conversive, are very pleased with our own ranking in the Emerce100, we’d like to congratulate our big brother Daisycon with their amazing 1st place. I couldn’t imagine it any other way when I look at the great positive impact that they make on the business of their customers. What’s next: this year, as Linehub, we want to make even more impact for e-Businesses in Europe, together.” – Martijn Zoetebier, Managing Director Conversive & Head of Business Development Linehub

Not to forget, Linehub has definitely contributed to our success. Thanks to the efficient cooperation with other labels, we have been able to offer even better service to our customers when it comes to performance marketing. We are grateful for your confidence in us!

About Linehub

Linehub is a collective of marketing agencies and originated in 2000. Linehub consists of the marketing labels Affiliprint, Conversive, Daisycon, and works closely with Sovendus in the Netherlands and Belgium. By working closely together, we better suit customers needs in establishing meaningful brand partnerships within the network. Linehub offers its services worldwide, from offices in 8 countries.