Belgium: Financial institutions and energy companies find their way to affiliate marketing

Author: Sander Gebruers, account manager Daisycon

Date of publication:

Affiliate marketing in Belgium is gaining an increasing share in the marketing mix. Not only traditional webshops, but also financial institutions such as banks and energy companies are using this channel at a high level.

Perfect addition to the marketing mix

Both large banks and brokers can – with the help of the right publishers – acquire new customers. By advertising on comparator websites, for example, they can generate online loan applications, collect leads for car insurance or have accounts opened. Daisycon already does this for KBC, Hello Bank and Corona Direct, among others.

The same applies to energy parties. Consumers are always looking for, and sensitive to, savings. Comparison is therefore easy and the threshold for switching is low. As an advertiser, you can go one step further by offering cashback or discounts on invoicing.

Deploying the right publishers

There is no doubt that the comparators are indispensable for the success of such an affiliate campaign. But the importance of other publishers should certainly not be underestimated. By using content websites and mailing parties, for example, an advertiser can cover almost the entire consumer funnel. The latter is particularly interesting for parties that can still increase brand awareness and growth. In addition, Conversive, just like Daisycon, which is part of Linehub, can also be of value. For example, they can focus on retargeting and SEO. In this way, affiliate marketing can be used for any company and any strategy.

GDPR and quality

Since the GDPR legislation of 25 May 2018, personal data has been more strictly regulated, making qualitatively collected leads more valuable. In order to determine the amount of the fee for a qualitative lead (Cost Per Lead) together, several factors are important. Some of these factors are the sector, the type of product and the amount of personal data that a potential customer has to leave behind. The more information you as a company or brand want to collect about your lead, the higher the quality of this lead and the higher the CPL. As an advertiser, you only pay for a valuable lead: a consumer who is genuinely interested in your services and is willing to listen to what you have to offer. In addition, Daisycon is of course fully compliant with the GDPR.

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