Four tricks to kick start your affiliate program!

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When starting an affiliate program at Daisycon, advertisers consult our specialists on the specifics. We can help with deciding on the right compensation. We will set you up with the publishers who have the right fit with your program. We will put in our vast experience and knowledge to kick start your program!

So now your affiliate program has started. Publishers have all lined up, ready to start promoting your products. What to do next? Now is the time to shine and promote your program. There are many ways to ensure extra exposure, leading to extra sales. How to start and where to start? Tim van Esch, Daisycon’s channel manager for Fashion, will show you the way to go!

1. Add Publishers of your choice

Publishers are the foundation of a successful affiliate program. They specialize in achieving your (marketing and sales) goals. Our publishers use Daisycon Connect to connect to your affiliate program. Daisycon Connect uses a wide array of data and advises on the suitable advertiser to the publisher. We also send newsletters, informing our publishers of the newest additions to our advertiser base. And of course all account managers will inform publishers personally when we see a good match with new advertisers. There are many ways to connect!

But you might have a publisher wishlist yourself. Just add the publishers to your liking by using our ticket system. Or maybe you want to take it even further? Add a page to your website and ask publishers to sign up for the affiliate program. This is a great way to attract loyal publishers, since they are likely to be customers themselves!

2. Validate Sales

We are now somewhat at the risk of sounding like Captain Obvious. The sooner you validate transactions, the faster the publisher will receive his/her earnings.

Since a lot of publishers use our “speedy payment” arrangements, you should take the task of validating sales seriously.

Valdiation of Sales is one of the main factors deciding on your ranking within Daisycon Connect. Publishers who receive their revenues swiftly, are loyal and more likely to promote your program, or keep promoting it. We have developed the Daisycon API, which makes it even easier to validate sales.

3. Action marketing means increased promotions

Some highlights within the year are too good to be missed. Valentine’s day was a great moment for us to highlight advertisers selling flowers. Advertisers inform us about their specials, Daisycon does all the promotion.

Depending on the occasion, Daisycon will either develop a dedicated campaign page or send an e-mail with all promotions. Sometimes we even do both! Daisycon subsequently promotes these dedicated pages or mailings by using social media. Of course we also contact the most relevant publishers personally.

Unique actions deliver the best results. A temporary increase of the CPS is a great idea, but a publisher incentive will also help. Simple things, such as a promotion code, are a great way to add promotion power. We all know that customers are always attracted to free shipping or a discount.

4. Keep your banners up to date!

If you have a new banner set available, it’s easy to upload them into our system. With this, publishers can use your new material immediately. Uploading yourself also makes sure you are in full control of the materials available. Publishers won’t use old banners promoting things that are no longer available!

Would you rather use the Daisycon Design department for your banners ? That would be great! We will design your banners to your wishes. We will just add our special touch, ensuring maximum engagement.


With these four tips, you have successfully launched your affiliate program. That does not mean the Daisycon staff will just sit back and relax. There a many things we do to maximize your affiliate marketing program. Contact us, and we will tell you all about it!